Best Man Advice on Your Role as Best Man, What to Carry with You, Speech Tips, and more

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Use these best man tips to learn the role of best man. You will learn best man advice like what to carry with you to the ceremony, how to plan a bachelor party, and how to make a great best man speech.

I recently had the privilege of filling the role of best man in my older brother's wedding. Serving as best man is a responsibility that I took very seriously so I put thought and effort into fulfilling this role. Here are the best man tips that guided me:

Most important:
In all the decisions you make, remember that you are asked to be best man because the bride and groom love and respect you. This is their special day. Your role of best man is to help the bride and groom as much as you can. Do not seek to embarrass or frustrate the groom by telling stories or pulling inappropriate pranks.

Bachelor party - Invite some of the groom’s best friends out to have a good time with him. Remember our guiding philosophy, don’t do something crazy or inappropriate. Instead, plan something that you know the groom will enjoy. It is about spending time together, not one last hurrah before marriage. This can be some kind of trip or simply a night out with friends.

Arrange Transportation - To keep the new couple from having to worry about it, arrange transportation from the wedding to the reception and away from the reception. This does not have to be an expensive stretched limo. It could simply be a willing friend with a clean car. Have fun and decorate the car with streamers, balloons, or cans tied to the bumper.

Be There - On the day of the wedding, don’t make any elaborate plans before ceremony. Plan to be with the groom getting ready and solving any problems that come up. Make sure the groom eats before the ceremony.

Things to carry on the day of the ceremony that the Groom might need:

  • chap stick
  • water
  • cash
  • your phone
  • mouthwash

Take the Groom’s Phone - on the day of the service, take the groom’s phone away about 5 hours before the service. Keep it on so that you can answer any calls and try to solve any issues without involving the groom. He has enough to think about. Be his information filter and only involve him in very important questions.

Keep them hydrated - On the day of the wedding, be sure that the bride and groom drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Carry a couple bottles of water with you to the ceremony. At the reception, periodically take them glasses of water without being asked.

Best Man Speech Tips - Come up with a thesis. Think of one or two things you want to communicate about the Groom or the couple and then tell a couple stories that back up this point. Below are some guiding principles:

  • write it down before hand
  • Give your speech before you have had too much to drink
  • be funny
  • tell stories (not hurtful or too embarrassing)
  • short - Brain research tells us that most people have a hard time paying attention to anything longer than 10 minutes. For a toast stay well under, 3 to 5 minutes is plenty.
  • Don’t forget to toast at the end. Without raising a glass and prompting others to as well you are really just giving a best man speech, you want to give a best man toast to the new couple.
  • Do not talk about other relationships or other romantic partners at all
  • Give the bride and groom a copy of your toast to keep

Pranks - They can be fun, just be sure not to cross the line. Remember what your role of best man is to support the bride and groom. You do not want to frustrate or make the newly married couple angry. Some mild but fun pranks include: decorating their bedroom (just remember that they will have to clean it up), hiding an alarm clock in their bedroom, and short sheeting the bed. If the couple is staying the night at a hotel, try to talk the hotel manager into letting you into the room before them. They will usually allow it as long as a hotel staff member escorts you. Surprise the couple with a bottle of wine and some room decorations.

Marriage License - Part of the role of best man is to sign the marriage licence as a witness. On the day of the ceremony, find time to chat with the pastor or judge to make a plan as to when and how to do this.

Take a deep breath. Remember the bride and groom love you and want you there to help them with this very special event in their lives. Follow these best man tips and you will be great.

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