The best man toast is one of the highlights of a wedding reception. You'll definitely want to take great care in writing your speech if you're lucky enough to be the best man.

Here are some best man toast examples and ideas that will help you to create and deliver a speech that will turn out fantastic.

One of your first instincts might be to try and get a laugh. This is a great idea, but remember never to bring things out that are a secret or would embarrass the groom. Think of all the really great things you've done together and write them down in a list. The list should reveal some great talking points for you.

If you find that you don't have enough material to fill the time allotted for the best man toast, think about asking others for things to include. They may have a funny, interesting, or romantic story that you have not even thought of.

Always keep in mind that your audience will not only include the bride and groom, but the rest of the guests at the wedding as well. Just make sure that you don't make any inside jokes that no one will understand. If you do have a story you can't help but share, make sure you give enough background information to be sure that everyone understands it.

Remember not to listen to anyone who tries to tell you that your speech isn't good or funny enough. We all have our own writing and speaking style, and the bride and groom will love that you've made such a great effort to make your best man toast the best ever.

If you have written your speech down, remember to practice it. This is especially true if you have hand written the speech, and may have trouble reading the writing. It would be very embarrassing if you had to struggle and strain to read while you were giving your best man speech.

Never go over 5 minutes for your speech or toast. No matter how interesting you think your words are, the wedding is not about you. People expect to be briefly entertained, so make sure they are, and then be done with it. The bride and groom will appreciate being able to get on with the rest of their wedding reception plans.

Giving a best man toast is rewarding for many people. Use these best man toast example ideas to help you formulate the best toast possible. You can include stories that you know about the couple, or ones you gather from other people. Give a clear, concise message that the bride and groom are sure to love.

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