If you happen to love drinking great coffee, but you aren't quite satisfied with the quality of beverage that you're producing from home then perhaps it's time to reconsider the type of grinder you're using. Of course, this is assuming that you're grinding your own beans to begin with. If you're not, then you need to strongly consider starting, as the quality of grind has a significant influence on the overall quality of your coffee. With so many affordable grinder options to choose from, finding a grinder that's right for you should be relatively simple. You can choose between a variety of electric models or you can take an entirely different approach and purchase a manual coffee grinder. Manual coffee grinders are fun to use and many of them can produce an excellent quality grind.

Now that you know a little bit about manual coffee grinders you're probably wondering which grinder is the best manual coffee grinder on the market. Honestly, this is tough to say since the term "best" is relative to what you're looking for in a grinder. Rather than talk in terms of best or worst, it's more important to think about what truly matters in a coffee grinder. Consider the following points –

• Burr Grinders are Best – if you're going to purchase a coffee grinder at all then it should be a burr grinder. Although most people opt for a blade or "whirly bird" grinder, it's important that you don't make this mistake. Rather than producing a uniform and consistent grind, a blade grinder tends to pulverize coffee beans into lots of tiny particles. Within these particles is normally a fair amount of dust, which can lead to bitterness in the final cup. Burr grinders don't have this problem, particularly if you choose a quality one.

• Pay Attention to Consumer Reviews – when it comes to manual coffee grinders you will find that many are produced solely for looks or display purposes. Be sure to stay away from these and instead purchase one that has received positive consumer praise. Sticking to well known brands like Zassenhaus if you want to avoid problems. You can pick up a high quality Zassenhaus grinder for about $80.00, which will last you a lifetime if properly cared for.

Purchasing a quality hand powered grinder is easy if you know where to look. In my opinion, the best places to shop are through specialty retailers that only carry coffee related items. You might also be able to find an antique hand mill by shopping through online auction houses, though you need to be sure that you avoid purchasing grinders that are for decorative purposes only.

Ultimately, finding the best manual coffee grinder is all about shopping for brands that use a burr mechanism. It's also important that you stick to well known brands when in doubt about a particular model. Using a quality grinder to prepare your coffee will make the difference between producing a drink that you truly enjoy and one that you'd rather not.