Best Marshall Guitar Amplifiers

Looking for the best Marshall guitar amplifiers? First let's get a bit of background on how Marshall came to be. Marshall Amplification began in 1962 in London England. Jim Marshall had a music shop where he taught drums. Guitarists would stop by and everyone would chat. The guitar players would talk about what they wanted in a guitar amplifier. At the time what the musicians wanted wasn't available anywhere. After long conversations Jim Marshall started into the amp manufacturing business in which he is still in today. Marshall amplifiers are known the world over for their amazing sound and there's a model to suit just about anyone.

In this article we’ll examine some of Marshall’s amplifiers and get some model suggestions for you. A good amplifier can completely change your overall sound along with a decent guitar. Marshall is a good choice in an amplifier and one you’ll treasure for years to come.

Marshall MG15CFX AmplifierCredit: Amazon

Best Marshall Amplifiers for Beginners

If you’re new to guitar it makes no sense to go out and buy a Marshall stack.  So let’s look at some basic Marshall practice amplifiers.  The MG Marshall series offers some nice practice amplifiers that have effects built into them which is perfect for a beginner on a budget who doesn’t want to buy foot pedals like a wah wah but wants some basic sounds out of their amplifier. These amplifiers are solid-state and come in all sizes from a 10 watt amplifier all the way up to a 100 watt variety.  An MG30FX would be perfect for a beginner and give them some nice sounds to start out with. The MG Carbon Fibre are some of the new models in the MG series. The MG30CFX offers clean and distorted channels along with chorus, phaser, flanger, delay, octave, and digital reverb. The 30 watts gives you enough sound to practice with while still making a decent tone. The MG Marshalls are really great for beginners I have used one in my guitar studio for my students and it has always done a good job.

Intermediate Guitar Players

For players who want a bit more sound and choice the next Marshall they should get is one with tubes because these offer a better sound selection and overall tone. It’s a bit overwhelming with all the models to choose from but there’s something there for most tastes. The DSL401 is a 40 Watt amplifier with two footswitchable channels and powered by EL-84 tubes. This amplifier produces both punch and has some clean sounds like those of its larger Marshall cousins.  The JVM410c is another intermediate amplifier which will offer a bunch of new sounds for the player.  This amp features 100 watts of pure Marshall power and the power amp is powered by 4 x EL44s along with 1 ECC83. The pre-amp has 4x ECC83 tubes. The amplifier has 1 vintage and 1 heritage speaker and comes with a footswitch. This is one nice and powerful combo amplifier to take that tone to the next level.

Advancing Guitar Players

Marsghall 50 Watt MA50HCredit: Amazon

Once you reach a high level of playing ability your overall guitar tone becomes very important to you. The best Marshall guitar amplifier for a guitar player at an elite level is going to vary widely from player to player. Marshall has many signature artist series amplifiers such as the YJM100 Marshall which is an Yngwie Malmsteen signature series amplifier for those who like to shred. The ADF100 amplifier visits the tones created on the Appetite for Destruction album by Guns N’ Roses. The 2203 KK is built upon Kerry King of Slayer's favorite JCM800 Marshall amplifier head. Most advancing guitar players are going to want some type of Marshall head and cabinet but the tastes are going to vary as to what is the best overall Marshall for the player. 

Best Marshall Guitar Amplifier Recommendations

The Best Marshall guitar amplifiers are all a matter of player taste. For beginners I would recommend the MG series due to the fact that they already have some effects built-in and you won’t have to buy expensive pedals right away. For intermediate players you might want a good combo amplifier that you can still carry around to practice sessions without too much difficulty. For advanced players they will all have different preferences and will most likely want a nice head and cabinet for playing. Almost all Marshall amplifiers are worth the money and you’ll find the best Marshall guitar amplifier for you among the many great models.