One of the most influential movie genres that originated from the East is the martial arts movies genre. The first of the hundreds of martial arts movies was filmed in the early 1990s in Hong Kong. Although martial art movies started in the early 1900s, it was not until the release of The Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery in 1928 that the first ever authentic martial arts movie was born. The first few movies from this genre had a strong western influence making it feel less authentic. However, this has changed today because of the quality of music and sound, quality of acting and authenticity of techniques used and the total cinematic environment. Among the hundreds of martial art movies today what are the movies which are considered as the Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time? Among these Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time, which is the one that stands out the most? 

The Best Martial Art Movie 

One of the Best Martial Arts Movies Of All Time is undeniably Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Among the hundreds of martial art movies, the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was one of the few martial art movies acclaimed not only for its martial art sequences but also because of its cinematography and storyline. The famous director Ang Lee was tasked to direct the film which featured some of the most famous Chinese artists like Chow Yun-Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen and Michelle Yeoh. This makes the film of the few that featured an all ethnic Chinese main casts. It has received a number of awards from both local and international awards giving bodies such as BAFTA, OSCAR, Ghent International Film Festival, Grammy Awards and Golden Globes Awards. As one of the Best Martial Art Movies of All Time, it has provided the audience with one of the most authentic representation of the martial arts styles and techniques. Aside from this, the storyline does not stray away but is also unique when compared to other martial art movies. These are some of the reasons why this movie is considered as the Best Martial Art Movie of this generation. The story of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon revolves around two warriors, a notorious fugitive and a nobleman's daughter. The two warriors who are in love with each other are seeking for the sword called Green Destiny. On the other hand, the fugitive and the noblewoman share a deep love for each other as well but their circumstances hinder them from being together. 

Other Martial Art Movies 

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is on the top of the Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time list. However, there are other martial arts movies that are also worth watching like Seven Samurai (1954), Ong-Bak (2003), Legend of The Fox (1979), The Police Story Series (Jackie Chan), The Shaolin Temple (1980), The Blade (1993), The Chinese Connection (Bruce Lee, 1972), Tai-Chi Master (Jet Li, 1993), The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) and many more. These martial art movies are not only famous for the packed action scenes and techniques used in the film, but also because of their intricate story line and cinematography.