If you are a woman who has sensitive eyes or how have experienced irritation in using mascara before there are alternative options out there for mascaras that will help make the eyes pretty, rather than painful. Mascaras can really enhance the look of the eyes so it is important not to forgo this cosmetic essential if you don't have to- which you don't. The best mascara for sensitive eyes can be found online, at a beauty supply store or if you are lucky even the nearby drugstore.

Typical mascaras from some of the most well known beauty companies utilizes a variety of chemical ingredients to achieve that dark pigmentation that can frame the eye and draw attention to it. The problems occur however when the mascara sloughs off and either flakes or smears into the eye itself. If a person is sensitive, there may be irritation and an allergic reaction.

The best mascaras don't have to be expensive. In fact some of the most expensive so-called designer mascaras are just made up of the same ingredients. The only difference about them is the brand name and maybe a prettier packaging job. A good way to identify a good mascara for sensitive eyes is to find one with hypoallergenic ingredients.

Hypoallergenic mascaras were made for that purpose; to enable people with sensitivities such as allergies to still be able to use mascara. Hypoallergenic mascaras will have that name clearly labeled on the packaging, or perhaps on the mascara itself. Hypoallergenic mascaras have been tested before they go to market to be sure that you, the consumer gets what they pay for.

Another way to identify potentially great mascaras for people with sensitive eyes is to check out the natural and organic varieties. As people become more environmentally conscious, so too will the products and today there is a growing amount of high quality natural makeup available. Mascaras made with natural ingredients such as Jane Iredale's mascara made with minerals and other organic ingredients; don't necessarily claim to be hypoallergenic however their quality ingredients and lack of harsh chemicals makes the product less likely to cause problems for sensitive eyes. Natural mascaras can be found by browsing the web or even a health food store. Depending on the beauty store, natural mascaras may or may not be stocked there.

All people deserve to look and feel their best. Mascara and other eye makeup tips can help people look their best everyday with just a bit of effort. For people with allergies or have had problems using mascara in the past- don't give up, the best mascara for sensitive eyes is out there for you too.