During the early stages of pregnancy, you might be interested in using maternity belly bands. These fabric wraps are used to prolong the efficiency of your normal clothes before you have to invest in maternity clothes. They save money, and many women have enjoyed having them.

They are very simple to use. They are really just a piece of stretchy fabric that goes over the stomach and the top of your pants. To the casual observer, it looks just like you are wearing a longer undershirt.

What it actually does is hide the zipper and button of your pants. Because these are hidden by the fabric, you can leave your pants unzipped and unbuttoned. This will allow you to wear your pants even though your stomach is too big for them.

When you are shopping for maternity belly bands you have a few different options to choose from. We will be looking at the brands Baby Be Mine and Ingrid & Isabel.

Both brands make a fine product. Baby Be Mine makes maternity belly bands a little cheaper than the competition. They also have a large assortment of colors and designs to choose from. Many people are very pleased with this product.

Still, some people have complained that the fabric is brittle. These claims might be unsubstantiated, because I have never experienced this.

So, if Baby Be Mine makes cheaper bands, then why would you want to go with Ingrid & Isabel? Well, one of the reasons is that Ingrid & Isabel offer more sizes. If you want your belly band to fit just right, then this might be the choice for you.

Besides size, there really isn’t too much difference between the two brands. Both have a wide array of colors and designs to choose from. Ingrid & Isabel’s pricier product might suggest that they make it out of a better material, but that’s pretty hard to prove.

So, if you can find your size in Baby Be Mine, then I would suggest going with them. If you have a unique size, then you might need to spend a little extra and get the Ingrid and Isabel band.

Size is a very important element with maternity belly bands. You see, most people suffer from their belly bands riding up throughout the day. This will be more of a problem if the band does not fit.

You should definitely try to get a band that will fit right. It is worth the extra money to make sure that the product does not ride. I hope that this will help you as you find a belly band that is right for you.

This invention is really something special. It’s not for everyone, but many expecting mothers have enjoyed it. Good luck with your pregnancy and the purchase of maternity belly bands.

This is a great adventure you are taking part in. Motherhood is wonderful journey filled with incredible things. Wearing your pants unbuttoned is just the start of your amazing future.