Buying the best mattress for your back requires more than just hopping into the latest model that the salesperson is selling you. Getting the best mattress for your back could not only do wonders for your back pain but most importantly for your total wellness and health. After all, the key to a great day is waking up from a refreshing slumber.

Here are some tips that you could use in getting the best mattress for a great night's sleep.

Mattresses Options

There are basically four types of mattresses that you could choose from: air, traditional coil, memory foam, and latex. We've come only to the top contenders; you also need to choose between brands apart from the various types of mattresses, and finding the right one for your back could be really a nightmare.

But what sets the best mattress for your back from the not so good ones? Is it the price tag? The whistles and the bells? Experts do not think so. When it comes to mattresses, your number one criteria should be the very mattress itself, says Dr. Charles Cefalu of Louisiana State University. It's about finding the type and the brand of mattress that could firmly support your neck, back, and leg but, could also, at the same time, offer just the right mix of recoil and cushion for support, says Cefalu.

The best mattress for your back and body is something that could

- Evenly distribute your weight. Or, you'll try sleeping with sagging shoulders and even your hip sinking. Likewise, you'll wake up with a sore body.

- Soft enough for comfort. While most people thought they prefer to sleep on firm mattresses, longer use of the bed would leave them longing to have chosen something "a little softer."

So, could there be really a general rule in finding the best mattress? Result of studies on mattresses reveals otherwise. People's body are unique, and so are their needs in mattresses, says Dr. Alan Hilibrand of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Shopping Tips

- How long do you need to test the bed? Dr. Hilibrand recommends staying in and feeling the mattress for at least 15 minutes. Switch on various sleeping positions to really know the best mattress for your back and body. A bed that follows the S curve – the normal structure – of your back could be your starting point in narrowing your options.

- Shop late. While you may think that going in early would be great idea so you could prevent the chances of your friends seeing you testing a number of mattresses, Roger Herr of the American Physical Therapy Association recommends otherwise. Is it really necessary? Herr believes so. When you have started your day right, you start to feel great. And, chances are, what seemed to feel good earlier wouldn't later, says Herr.

The Best Mattress for Back

The best mattress for those with back problems? Hilibrand strongly recommends getting the firm ones. If you have been enduring back pain or, worse, spinal stenosis for quite some time, the more you need a firmer mattress that could allow you to lie straighter.

But what about adjustable beds? These could at least compensate for the board-like feel of the mattress, you would think. Only among those with certain spinal conditions like those with spinal stenosis, says Hilibrand. If not, then, a flat and fixed frame is still the perfect buddy for the best mattress for your back.