The number one most important thing to remember when you are looking at medieval prince costumes is to not look like a dweeb. There are plenty of nerdy prince costumes out there to choose from. You will want to find one that looks cool.

Stay away from all of the overly fancy costumes. You will want more of a subtle costume. That doesn’t mean that people will have a hard time guessing what you are dressed as; instead, it means that you’ll actually look like a prince.

One of the medieval prince costumes that I absolutely hate is the prince charming outfit. This getup is absolutely terrible. You couldn’t look more like a chump with any other costume. Stay clear of any costume that looks like you stepped out of a cartoon.

You want something that looks authentic, but not during the heyday of the pastel colors. Now, one of the first choices you are going to need to make is which nation you are going to be a prince for. There are many different types of princes.

You don’t have to choose a nation that your ancestors come from. You just need to pick a style that works for you. A British prince is going to look a lot different from an Arabian prince. You just need to figure out what you look you are going for.

After you figure that out, you can start looking at the quality of the costume. Men’s costumes are usually harder to buy than women’s costumes. I’ll tell you why. Men’s costumes will usually be made of less quality than women’s costumes.

This is because men are less likely to really care about the costume they are buying. They are just getting it as a onetime gag. So, make sure you investigate the quality of your investment. You want something that looks authentic.

Cheap materials can ruin a costume. I really like getting pieces of a costume, and then building it yourself. You will be able to design yourself something a lot better than any of the medieval prince costumes out there.

Start with the feet and work up. What kind of shoes would you wear if you were a prince? I would probably wear boots that went up to my knees. Maybe you would wear loafers. Then go to the pants. I would probably wear something desert friendly.

You might wear something to brave the cold. When you get up to the head you will need to make sure you know what you are doing. I recommend getting a prince’s crown. That way, if you have missed the mark with the rest of your costume, people will still know what you are trying to be.

Still, make sure you get a crown that looks cool to wear. I hope these tips will help you as you shop for medieval prince costumes. There is a lot out there to choose from, so make sure you put something together that you will be proud to wear.