In search for the best men's walking shoes 2013 would offer, I checked out many pairs. I found several that I thought were comfortable and offered the support and fitting that a man needs. I was impressed to find also that there were several pairs of walking shoes that will provide me with my monies worth being durable and long lasting. 

The first pair that impressed me were the New Balance 928's. These shoes offer the quality of a diabetic shoe and also offer more cushioning in the heel than many other walking shoes. They have the Lightening Dry liner that allows my feet to stay dry even if the shoes get wet. They also provide odor control and I like anyone else can use all of the time. The leather upper on these walking shoes allow durability, breathability and comfort. I must say that comfort was the main thing that I was looking for when I began my search. I wanted a shoe that I could walk all day in without feeling as though my feet didn't have room to breath or to move. I also liked the stability that these shoes provided.

Best black walking shoe

New Balance Men's MW928 Lace Walking Shoe,Black,13 D US
Amazon Price: $134.95 $129.95 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men

Another of the best men's walking shoes 2013 will offer are the New Balance 577, the extra cushioning that these shoes offer allowed me to be able to walk as well as to stand on my feet for a longer period of time without having to worry about aches and pains. The cushioning makes it easier for anyone that has to be on their feet to do so. The rubber outsole that is solid makes this walking shoe durable and a long laster. I liked that these shoes had reflection detailing so that I could be easily seen if I choose to walk in the early morning before the sun was up good or in the late evening. They are a great shock absorber and I didn't have a problem even when I chose to run for a bit. 

When looking for the best men's walking shoes 2013 can provide, I looked at and tried the Skeecher's Men's Go Walk Running Shoe. This is not like the other walking shoes that I tried. This shoe had no shoe strings and no Velcro, they simply pull on like a pair of loafers. They have a great absorbtion system that helped me to feel light on my feet. They also offer a sock liner in the shoe that not only keeps my socks from sliding as I walk but to also prevent odor. I also love the casual but sporty look that these walking shoes offer. I found myself wearing them around the house just for the comfort of it. 

New Balance Men's MW577 Leather Hook/Loop Walking Shoe,Black,12 4E US
Amazon Price: $72.95 $58.49 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

I also found that the Avia Men's A339M walking shoes were a good shoe. They offer a liner that is removable in the shoe that allows me to keep my socks from slipping. They have cantilever in the heels for extra cushioning and shock absorbing making them great for your power walks or just a walk around the mall. I love that these are made of leather and offer stylish stitching and details througout the whole shoe. These shoes just made my joints feel less stressed when walking or jogging. 

One of the best men's walking shoes 2013 will provide you with is the Reebok Men's Walk Around Walking Shoe. These shoes were available in black and grey and I chose the grey just because I liked it. They offer a padded collar for comfort as well as arch support and cushioned insoles. I found that I was able to wear them for long periods of time without feeling weighted down. I liked the support that it provided as well as the comfort. My foot didn't feel as though the shoes were too tight or not even my size. 

Finding the best men's walking shoes 2013 has that are quality and comfortable will be so easy. I was very pleased with the one's that I tried.