There is probably not a little girl in town who does not know Ariel, her silver mermaid tail and her love story. The colorful life she has lived in under the sea is a great inspiration for little girls around the world to crave for mermaid Halloween costumes at least one point in their lives.

While buying a readymade mermaid costume from retail stores and costume shops is fast, easy and hassle-free, it is a better option for most parents to create their own ensemble right at home. This is more cost-efficient and a good way to channel mom's creativity as well.

To start off, it is necessary to come up with the best top to create the mermaid look. It can actually be anything that hugs the wearer's upper body well. A bathing suit or a colorful bra top can do the trick really nicely. Colorful ones are best for the kiddies since they emphasize quite well how playful young girls can be.Womens Mermaid Costume

Once the top part of the mermaid Halloween costumes have been determined, it is time to move on with the lower part. In order to capture the shiny and shimmery nature of a mermaid's tail, one can go with any material that produces the same effect. It can be in blue, green, silver or any other similar hues.

This material is then wrapped around the two legs placed together. One should make sure that this is done in the tightest way possible. The technique to doing so is to start right above the knee and moving upwards while overlapping the wrapped area.

This is the best way to securely wrap the legs with the material. Once the hips have been completely covered, the end of the material is then twisted and tucked into the back part of the garment.Girls Mermaid Costume

For the remaining part of the mermaid's tail, the same material is sewn to the bottom of the material that is already worn by the person. The hem of this second piece should be right at the instep of the person's feet.

To complete the ensemble, one can loosely sew some shells to the top of the outfit. Any remaining pieces of the material used for the tail can also be glued to a headband to serve as a mermaid's shimmering locks.

With lovely mermaid Halloween costumes like this, parents do not have to worry about spending a lot for their little missus' trick-or-treating outfit. All it takes is a little creativity and a good amount of time and inspiration.