Take time to absorb the information and try out a few things before moving onto something else. 

Use your free advertising as a way to see what ad copy works best.  If you find that certain words or link text works well in things like your Craigslist ads of forum signatures, then try to use some of those words in your paid ads too.  A link will be clicked more often than an image (banner ad) will.  You can go around that by making banner ads that look like links if you’d like. 

Just remember that all you’re trying to do is “sell the click” and get them to click your ad and come to your page.  Don’t sell your product; just entice them to come to your page with the promise of free stuff!

You want to try to, at the very least, break even on your front product.  So if it’s a $37 product, then you only want to be putting in $37 worth of advertising total to sell ONE product.  Then you aim to make a profit with all the other backend products you offer them; like a similar product packaged differently or a membership site.  If you can sell your front product and make a profit from just that, then do it!

Let’s get into some good paid advertising venues so you can pull in a good income whether you've got the top search engine ranking or not. 

If you weren’t the creator of your product, would you buy your product??  Alright then, go to all the sites in your field that you usually go to yourself and see if you can advertise on those sites.  If you’d buy your product, then people just like you are looking for your product.  This is a pretty easy step because you already know where someone like yourself would be looking. 

You can place ads on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.  These sites get a TON of traffic everyday.  So why not tap into it?  If you signed up to a host like Startlogic then you already have $50 in FREE Advertising credit for Facebook!

You can also bid to advertise in Gmail ads; the ads that people will see near their inbox if they use Gmail.  You can do this through Adwords, which I’ll go over soon.  What you’d want to do is:
• Subscribe to email lists from “gurus” in your industry.
• Read the emails they send out right away.
• Bid on an obscure phrase that is in the email that they just sent to everyone on their list.  A phrase that you know no one else is going to bid on.
• Now everyone on their list, if they use Gmail, will see your ad!
o You can even have it say something like, “Before you read [guru’s name]’s email…”  That should catch their eye.
o Or you could say, “Is [product the guru’s promoting in this email] a scam?!”  So many people will click your ad just to be sure.
o Or you could even say, “[guru’s product] sucks, try this instead!”  I just hope you’re not friends with that guru.

Go ahead and try some of these out before you move on… 

You can straight up buy ads in other people’s email lists.  Whether it’s a guru in your field or a big publication, see if you can advertise in their email list.  Advertise directly to their buying customers.

Arcamax offers a TON of free newsletters which people sign up to based on their interests.  You can advertise to these lists!  This takes a bit of the leg work out of it for you and gets you into interested customers’ inboxes. 

Create press releases for your site; this can create A LOT of traffic!  The best site for press releases is PRWeb; I’ve used them myself and got tons of traffic.  Here’s how you should go about it:
• It has to be newsworthy.  Talk about something new about your business and somehow tie it into a current event.  Popular topics are the economy, TV shows or movies.  If it’s tied into something current, it’ll catch peoples’ attention and you’ll have a higher chance of getting picked up by major news outlets.
• You’ll need:
o An attractive headline.  Spend a lot of time on this because this is what people will see first.  Target a keyword in your headline that you’ll also use in your first sentence and 2-3 times in your body copy.
o A summary subhead.  This can pretty much just be the same thing as the first sentence.
o An opening paragraph.  This will state what your press release is about.
o A quote.  You’ll want a quote from the subject of the press release.
o A background paragraph.  Give a little background on you and your company.
o A call to action.  You need to be directing them to some page on your site and make it known, subtly, that they should go there. 

YOUR PRESS RELEASE CANNOT BE A SALESLETTER!  Your press release will be rejected if it’s too sales-y, like if it has the word “you” in it a lot.  It has to be like a news article.  Go ahead and browse their site to see how other people composed their press release and that’ll help you get an idea as to what you want to do.

One of the biggest ways to advertise is by using Google AdWords; their company has such a big reach!  Placing ads with AdWords will get your ad seen by so many people in a variety of different ways.  I already mentioned that you could advertise in Gmail and there’s also the basic text and banner ads, but you can also advertise on the radio, TV or print ads through Google! 

Use Google’s Keyword Tool to help you find some good keywords to use for your ads. 
• Go with keywords that are searched for often, but have very little competition. 
• There’s a handy tool called SpyFu that’ll help you figure out what keywords are going to cost you and lets you spy on your competitors.  
• Use your major keyword in your headline.
• Mention some benefits in the first line.
• Mention features in the second line.
• And then your display URL, which can have each word capitalized for display purposes.
• And lastly you need to include a URL to the exact page you want them to see.       

You’ll have to do a lot of testing to see which words and ads bring in the most traffic, but the traffic will come!  They provide you with plenty of tools to make this an easier process.  And, if you were smart and signed up with StartLogic for your hosting package, then you already have free credit for signing up to AdWords! So you can test out the waters for free.  Go check your account if you don’t believe me.  (You also have free credit for advertising with Yahoo) 

Check out The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords to learn EVERYTHING you need to know to set up a successful advertising campaign with Adwords.

Another great place to advertise is AdBrite.  They have a HUGE network and some really big clients.  Spread your advertising out all over, fine tune it and get some quality traffic to your site today! 

Alright that is more than enough methods for you to get a lot of traffic.  So go try some of them out and watch your traffic soar faster than it ever would from search engine ranking optimization.