credit card offers from American Express and Costo " src="media/image/19807.jpg" align="left" border="0" hspace="" vspace="">Read about the best cash back reward cards that charge low interest rates. Apply for the best airlines and travel mileage cards that offer high bonus miles.

Which are the best cash-back credit cards ruling the industry? To provide interested readers with some pointers, given below is a list of the very best cash back credit card deals:

1. Schwab Bank Invest First® Visa® Credit Card:

If one wants the best financial reward credit cards, they have to have excellent contacts. Consumers who open a brokerage account at the Schwab Bank, are offered a Visa Signature Card with a 2% rebate on all credit card purchases. This card has no limits, so one will actually get a better deal on a long term basis.

2. TrueEarnings® from Costco and American Express Cash Back Rebate Credit Cards

By becoming a member at Costco, consumers are redeemed a dollar for spending $100 at the retail markets where American Express is accepted. One is also entitled to get 3% cash back on gasoline purchases worth $3000. Moreover, heavy spenders get cash-back reward of 3% on restaurants, 1% for small purchase and 2% for travel expenses.

Best Travel Reward Credit Cards for Frequent Fliers

  • Citi Premier® Pass:

This credit card travel reward surmounts to 1% of purchases. Those who use the Citi Premier® Pass credit card earn one point for each dollar that the user spends on the card, and another point for every three miles one flies. The rewards redemption program is run by the Expedia, and permits consumers to use points instead of dollars. One can earn as much as 10,000 points each year while paying no annual fees.
  • PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express® Card

Only the members of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union are allowed to own this travel credit card which offers about 5 bonus points every time the user spends a dollar. The cardholders are also offered rewards especially through hotel upgrades and discounted access to executive lounges in airports. However, if one enlists his name in the National Military Family Association, he would qualify to join this credit union.

There have been some very impressive credit cards in 2009 with the best low rate interest. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Simmons Visa® Platinum

Coming to the limelight in 2009, Simmons First became popular among the masses quickly. A group of community banks in Arkansas provide customer service and the country's one of the lowest APR rates.

  • Iberiabank Visa® Classic - One of the Best Cash Back Visa Credit Card

Iberiabank was one of the first to offer low interest credit cards, and the first credit card company to issue low fee credit cards. In addition to offering credit at a low rate of interest, Iberiabank also provides good customer service.

For consumers who are interested the best low introductory rate credit card deals, here are some of the sweetest offers:

  • PenFed Visa Gold Credit Card

It charges no annual fees and offers a low interest rate of 4.99% on balance transfers for 2 years.

  • Citi® Platinum Select® MasterCard® (Permanent Low Interest Rate)

The 0% rate of APR has been able to function continuously with the help of Citibank. So one does not have to pay interest rates for about a year on balance transfers and purchases. Consumers also charged permanent low interest rates of 11.99% but the balance transfer fees of 3% will apply.