Military costumes are not just perfect for armed forces day, there are also many military Halloween costumes that you can choose from that will add a certain charm and edge to your Halloween outfit.

Also for men... If you have always wanted to be an armed officer or be the man in uniform that a lot of girls would go gaga for, then this type of costume is for you.

Costumes that would make you look like you're a part of the military are always a hit in Halloween parties and costume events. It is such a crowd-pleaser and everybody would love to take pictures with you.

You can find a lot of military costume choices online and even in costume shops in your town or city. They are pretty common so you will never have a hard time looking for one that could fit you.

Regardless of what branch of the US and foreign army services you want to dress up like, there is always a costume for you. These costume choices comprises the standardized design, color and clothing that are worn by the paramilitaries or of the armed forces in large countries such as the United States of American, Britain, France and many others.

If you want to put a little twist to an army costume, you can also do so. If you are a girl and wearing a man's armed forces uniform does not appeal to you, you can add twists and turns to the costume that will not only fit your body more perfectly but will also make it more distinct, fun and memorable. There are many ways to do that.

One is to wear shorts instead of the army pants that the armed forces actually wear. Wearing shorts makes the costume more bearable to wear as it is more comfortable and breezy compared to army pants which tend to be heavy and warm. You can even wear fishnet stockings to pair it with for a more subtly sexy effect.

Another variation which you can use to add a twist to military costumes is to wear a customized pair of heels that are military-looking, but not really.

You can use the camouflage pattern on the shoes and add a little heels to make the outfit sexier and more memorable, not just for you but also for your friends.

If you want to make the whole outfit complete, do not forget to lug around a toy gun and don a matching hat.