Top Compact Fridges Under 200 Dollars

If you are looking for a quality compact mini fridge, however aren't looking to blow a small fortune, hence you are on a budget of under $200 -- then this is the right place for you. Below, you will find a showcase of some of the very best mini fridges available all on a budget of $200 -- where various factors and features have been taken into consideration from their noise operating levels (all are practically silent), to their storage capacity (a range from 1.8 cubic feet to 4.4 cubic feet) and even to the way they look (modern and stylish). 

The Compact Fridge: DAR195BL by Danby

The cheapest out of the range (and probably offering the best overall value) at just under $120 is the highly popular and highly regarded Danby DAR195. A compact fridge that possesses a storage capacity at around 1.8 cubic feet (which is approximately 51 litres) hence you can fit a fair bit of food and drink in there -- and comes with a smart black chrome finish to it (definitely looks the part). The Danby DAR195BL has been specifically designed for the college dorm room and office areas due to it being deadly silent, and having a storage space that is just about perfect. Overall this Danby certainly receives my personal approval of an good all around value mini fridge available well within the budget of under $200.

        The Compact Refrigerator Stainless Door by SPT

Slightly more expensive and less popular than the Danby at $159 (reduced from $189), is the compact fridge by SPT -- it is another mini fridge that offers you great value with more storage space at 2.5 cubic feet (.7 cubic feet more -- about perfect for the typical student) as well as having a really smart stainless steel finish, it really does make this SPT look like the business. Moreover, it is equipped with additional features such as a transparent drawer and glass shelf along with an adjustable thermostat -- essentially the SPT acts as any mini fridge should do.

The Mini Fridge/Freezer: HNSE032BB by Haier

Probably the best in terms of quality and features out of the showcase is the HNSE032BB by the highly reputable Haier, but first I must apologize as it comes in slightly over budget at $201.86 reduced from that of $295.09. But, I am sure you will forgive me... as it does however offer everything you could possibly want from a mini fridge, at 3.2 cubic feet it offers a real decent amount of food along with a practical 8 can storage department, -- as well as a full width freezer compartment along with 2 width interior glass shelves. This mini fridge is more than just a fridge, it is a freezer too -- a really, really great buy for anyone looking for a really high quality mini fridge on a budget of around $200.

The Mini Refrigerator: DAR440BL by Danby

The big sibling of the DAR195BL, is the huge Danby Dar440 BL, again a great mini fridge (although not so mini) in its own right available at under $175 (well within the budget of under $200). It offers the largest space of all the mini fridges at a huge 4.4 cubic feet -- more than double that of the DAR195BL (1.8 cubic feet) , which includes a host of features  -- an adjustable thermostat, interior lights, adjustable shelves and many more too. A mini fridge that certainly has more than enough space, packed with features, pretty much silent and well under $200 -- the DAR440BL has to get my vote as the best mini fridge under $200 (and although I would say the Haier comes in a pretty close second, and personally when it comes down to crunch time I would still buy the Haier anyway).

Which one would you buy and why? Please tell me below in the comments section, as well as any other remarks or questions you have, specifically relating to the Best Mini-Fridges under $200.