Mini Fridge for the Dorm Room

Whether you are a student who is simply fed up of other housemates stealing your milk and grub, or you are simply wanting to keep nice fresh snacks for the bedroom then you have come to the right article 'best mini fridges for the bedroom'. There are a few fundamental aspects that I have considered when choosing some the best compact fridges for your bedroom. Firstly, it is has to be quiet -- almost silent in fact, no one wants to be kept awake by a constant humming or buzzing fridge. Secondly, it has to be large and powerful enough to actually keep a good decent size of food in there nice and cold, mind not too big that you are sending energy bills through the roof, but not so small you can only fit in a soda can. Finally, the pricing of the mini fridge, it is great to have all the features mentioned above, but if it costs a bomb, it kind of defeats the whole objective. So below you will find mini fridges that are all Quiet, Size and Price conscientious.

The Danby DAR195BL

As the rather unanimous highly rated Amazon reviews suggest, this is a quality black mini fridge specifically designed for use by students in their dorm rooms or for a home office -- it certainly gets my personal stamp of approval. Firstly, it is almost deadly silent (as evidenced by the numerous highly rated views), the Danby also has the capacity to fit a fair bit of decent food and drink in there too at 1.8 cubic feet (which is approximately 51 litres) -- along with allowance of removable shelves etc. its space can be fully utilized. Moreover, it all comes rather inexpensively at just under $120. A really good standard of mini fridge in my eyes that adversely ticks all the boxes, for those who want to keep a compact refrigerator in their bedroom.

The Sanyo SR-A2480M

Again, specifically designed for a dorm room/bedroom is another highly rated mini fridge -- the Sanyo SR-A2480M slightly larger than the Danby (above) at 2.4 cubic feet, hence you can obviously fit in even more food and drink, however like the Danby it is silent in use which is obviously important for a bedroom mini fridge. Moreover, it comes with a range of features such as the two wired out shelves, an ice cube tray and vertical can dispenser as well as a cooling dial for you to set the temperature. However, you will find that the Sanyo is a little more expensive than the Danby at around the $200 mark.

The Edgestar Compact Refrgierator

Another personal favourite of mine is the Edgestar mini fridge, not only is it silent, as well as having a decent storage at 1.1 cubic feet (smallest of the range) and coming at a discounted price of $114.00 from $200 (as of 21/08/2012). It has a whole host of additional features as well, such as the lock and keys set, for students who want to make sure that there food is secured with extra 'protection'. Moreover, it has the ability to convert through a dial switch from a compact mini fridge into an actual mini freezer. Also, it just looks great with the stainless steel finish. A great little mini fridge-freezer that I highly recommend for those who are need of one for the bedroom.

The Haier ECR27B 

From the highly reputable brand Haier, is the ECR27B and at a huge 2.7 cubic feet, this makes it the biggest mini fridge from the range. Again, like the others it features a thermostat allowing you to vary the temperature to your needs, and is also encompassed with a freezer section, as well as 2 selves to allow for drinks and snacks. Although, relatively more expensive (at around $180-$220) than the other mini fridges on show it is certainly worth the price through the sheer amount of food and drink it can hold.