Best Compact Fridge for the Dorm Room

Whether you are a college or university student who can't be bothered to make it through to the kitchen or are simply wanting to protect your best grub and drink from your pesky picking peers, then you will know that a mini fridge can be like a 'best-friend' -- offering you all the solutions to your problems. Below, is a showcase of some of the very best mini fridges out there --  in the market of 2012/13 that are designed specifically for a college/university dorm room student -- hence they are all deadly silent and large enough to store a good amount of grub, but yet not too big that it takes up more than its fair share of your living space' and overall generally offers great 'value' for their price tags.

The DAR195BL Compact Mini Fridge by Danby

This black Danby mini fridge is one of the most highly rated mini fridges around and proves to be very popular among students, and there is no wonder as to why really. It firstly looks pretty classy, but it essentially does everything you are asking and wanting of it. It can hold a decent amount of food and drink at 1.8 cubic feet (51 litres), along with it operating at almost silence -- so you won't need to worry about getting to sleep, with it being in your bedroom.

                          The ThermElec Mini Refrigerator by Haier

From the highly reputable company Haier, is the ThermElec which comes in a dashing red. Again, specifically designed for a student set up -- the fridge is of a reasonable size, slightly smaller than that of the Danby at 1.7 cubic feet, but does possess a range of features such as the free cooling technology dispense-a-can storage compartment. Moreover, with it being the cheapest of the bunch at around $90, this mini fridge offers real value, especially to the students who are really needing to count the pennies.

The Compact Freezer Refrigerator with Lock by EdgeStar

The compact freezer/fridge from EdgeStar has to be my personal favourite of the bunch, with a range of great features such as the 'key and lock' mechanism which is obviously great for those extra cautious students -- who are wanting to protect their food, as well as a full range temperature control thermostat of 0 degrees F to 40 degrees F, allowing it to essentially be a mini fridge and mini freezer too -- all topped with a sexy stainless steel finish.

The HNSE032BB Mini Fridge by Haier

Another Haier great mini fridge is the HNSE032BB -- which is by far the largest of the bunch at 3.2 cubic feet which is enough for a good few days worth of grub -- and is packed with useful features from a full-width freezer compartment to two full-width interior glass shelves, although it is the most expensive of the bunch you are still getting a lot of value for your money.

Which compact fridge have you chosen to buy and why? Please let me know in the comments section below along with any additional questions or remarks you have regarding 'Best Mini Fridges for Dorms' or any of the fridges specifically.