Office Compact Fridges

If you are looking to keep your 'work lunch' nice and cool, as well as gain the convenience of having your lunch right next to your desk (instead of having to walk 25 odd minutes to the closest Café, leaving you just 5 or so mins to have your lunch and then head back to keep within your lunch hour) -- you will/should know that a mini fridge desk can offer you just that.

But, which one to buy? There are so many to choose from, not to mention trying to decipher which compact fridges offer you 'real value' from the others that are all wrapped up in marketing bull fluff. However... don't fear, below you will find a showcase of four of the very best mini fridges that have been specifically designed for the office environment -- with almost silent operating levels and appropriate sizing -- not too big to consume half the work area, but no so small you can only fit in a can of pop.

The DAR195BL Compact Fridge By Danby

This Danby mini fridge is highly regarded and very popular -- and to be honest there is no wonder why really, it offers you great value and does pretty much everything you could want from a standard mini fridge -- and it does it well. The DAR195BL is quiet, big enough to store a decent amount of grub -- 1.8 cubic feet (and hence not too overbearing) and has a smart black finish to it-- moreover, it actually manages to do its main job too, keeping your food and drink refreshingly chilled.

                  The AC/DC Portable Mini Fridge By Sky Industry

Slightly different to that of other mini fridges in that it lends itself towards it being portable (hence coming with a handle and is rather small -- 4 litres, which is around 6 cans of soda -- and lightweight), and small -- appealing to those who are looking for the convenience factor of a mini fridge however are rather space conscious. It looks pretty cool as well -- a kind of retro mini fridge look, available in red, white and black.

The ThermElec Mini Fridge By Haier

The cheapest of the 'standard' mini range is the 'sexy red' ThermElec that offers you a slightly smaller storage space than that of the Danby at 1.7 cubic feet but again a pretty much perfect size for the home/work office -- so it can just sit quietly under your desk. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable thermostat and free cooling technology. Practicality wise -- there are two positioned shelves allowing with a 'dispense-a-can storage compartment'. Overall, for those who are looking to get a high quality 'standard sized' mini fridge on the cheap -- then this ThermElec is probably the one for them.

The Mini Fridge/Freezer With a Lock By EdgeStar

This has to be my personal favourite of the lot -- as it offers incredible value (as of  11/09/2012 -- it has been reduced from $199.00 to $114.00) and in addition to the standard features mentioned above (e.g. quiet operating system, reasonable size - 1.1 cubic feet) it has a whole range of 'extras' too -- such as the locking mechanism, which will help prevent those pesky co-workers from borrowing your food -- as well as a full range thermostat control that can essentially turn your mini fridge into a mini freezer, not to mention its handsome stainless steel finish.

Which mini fridge or compact freezer would you buy for your office? Please let me know in the comments section below, along with any other remarks or questions you have specifically regarding any of the models detailed above in the 'Best Mini Fridges for the Office' showcase.