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Moccasins are native fashion but they’re a hot fashion item these days, with super model Kate Moss adorning them most of the time. In fact, no footwear is more synonymous with Kate Moss than moccasin boots. And Minnetonka says she’s been wearing their boots since 2003. One thing moccasins have that makes them desirable is the comfort they give your feet when you wear them. And if you’re a woman who loves comfort, you’ll find moccasins useful anytime (summer, spring, autumn and winter). Yes, you can wear them anytime, anywhere and they cost less than $100.

Below, I give you more information about moccasins under $100 for women. And at that price, I can boldly confirm Minnetonka Moccasins take the lead as they’re reasonably priced, durable and in various styles and colours.

How to Wear Moccasins

Moccasins can be worn with virtually any type of outfit, just like flats, but I personally think skinny jeans looks good with moccasins. The skinnier the jeans are, the more you’re able to show off the shoes.

Moccasins are typically made of different hides, ranging from suede, sheepskin, deer skin, mosehide, cowhide and many more. They come in both soft and hard soles, assorted colors, different designs (beaded, fringes, etc) and can be worn anywhere (shopping, a cookout, a movie hangout, etc) at anytime, if there's no snow outside.

Knowing when and where to use this type of footwear will help keep the material in good condition for a long time as moccasins are highly durable.

Ugg Womens Dakota Autumn moccasins US 8 NIB
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With over 150 amazon customer reviews at the time of writing this, UGG women's Dakota moccasins are extremely comfortable and durable. They can be worn all day with jeans and skirts. It has a rubber outsole and top grade sheepskin, which keeps the feet warm and dry at all times.

What Are The Best Ways to Wear Moccasins?

There are some good ways to combine moccasins with your clothing. I talk about some of them below:

Pants and Moccasins

This is by far the most popular way to wear moccasins. Slim-fitting pants like jeans, fitted slacks and legging make moccasins stand out. Never wear loose pants with moccasins and if you must wear socks (during winter), let it be sleek, silk and wool socks that will keep your feet warm without adding a bulky look to your overall appearance. When the weather is not too cold, moccasin boots can be worn with shorts and a tank top. They tend to flatter your figure and make you look good.

Minnetonka Women's Back-Zip Boot,GREY,6.5 M US
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With a street savvy moccasin style, this Minnetonka shoe is a sure delight. It has a rubber sole and is made of suede. It looks good and can be perfect for bringing out the beauty in your outfit.

Moccasins with Dresses

To do this right, try wearing slightly formal clothing and leg wear with your shoes. Sleek tights also go well with moccasins, especially when combined with a fitted skirt and a nice blouse. To make the shoes stand out, please keep your hem above the knee.

On a general note, moccasins look good when you try to create contrast between the shoe shape and your body figure. Whether you’re going to the office or on errands, moccasins provide a variety of styles and options, when done right. You can search amazon for moccasins and look at the various options available. You'll find many moccasins under $100 for women and so many other offers.

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