In this guide, you will find the most effective MW2 class setup. This MW2 class guide will review one of the best setups to use a variety of situations during the modern warfare 2 online game experience. One of the best features is the seemingly infinite class customization. Read on to discover the most effective setup for your Modern Warfare 2 class.


There are several perk combinations you can use in MW2. There are definitely some situation-specific perks available or perks that just make sense for certain builds like snipers or quickscopers (qs). However, there is one perk combination I find really useful in most situations. Sleight of hand Pro, Stopping Power Pro and Ninja Pro is a very effective combination go a general combat load out. The only exception to this is to sometimes switch Sleight of Hand Pro for Scavenger Pro in situations where you will be camping more than running around. Here is why this combination is so powerful.

Sleight of Hand Pro

I love this perk, straight up. You get to reload faster and aim down the sights faster, how much better can that get. Practice your aim and this will be a deadly perk for you. The reloading is crucial in small maps where the second you get down killing someone, another player is running your way to get in on the action. Definitely use this on smaller maps where survival rate is low, you won't need all the extra ammo Scavenger Pro gives you if you are dying, right?

Again, swap for scavenger pro if you will br holed up in a safe location for most of the map.

Stopping Power Pro

There are only two weapons in the game I find tolerable to use without Stopping Power Pro - the RPD and the UMP. Stopping Power Pro increases your bullet damage and gets you kills faster, enough said. Use this with the TAR 21 or the RPD and you will be killing people in 3-4 hits. Awesome! Do not go without this one. I rarely ever swap this Perk out.

Ninja Pro

Many people do not use a good set of headphones on this game, and don't appreciate how much this perk can help you. The basic perk Ninja is ok really; it makes you invisible to things like UAV and heartbeat sensors - not bad. Ninja Pro is where this one really shines. It completely silences your footsteps! This helps in 2 ways. First, others with good headphones cannot hear you walking. Second, it makes it easier to hear EVERYTHING in this game. Especially useful is you use the trick to turn off the music in the game!


There are several different weapons that work well with this build, but here are a few of my favorites.

1) RPD - Very powerful with the build. Slap a grip on it to reduce recoil and use burst fire to improve you accuracy. With good aim, you will need about 3 hits to get a kill. Using Sleight of Hand Pro is a must with this beast. It will let you aim down the sights faster and reload faster (not that you will need to reload often with the massive magazine).

2) ACR - Though not nearly as powerful as the RPD, this gun is very accurate with minimal recoil. Put a silencer on this gun to prevent the muzzle flare from blocking your view. The reload time is pretty good on this one as well. I prefer this gun on mid to long-range maps.

3) AK47 - This gun is powerful, but has a pretty high recoil. Great for smaller maps, and I like to use either a silencer or the red dot scope. This helps me stay on target better in sustained fire situation.

Honorable Mentions for Best Weapons: Vector, SPAS, TAR-21, and FAMAS

Special Equipment

The best MW2 special equipment is very situation or map dependent. Here are a couple of my favorites.

1) Claymores - Eternally annoying for opponents with the right placement, and good for watching your back when camping an area.

2) Semtex - I prefer to the frag because it sticks where I throw it and it instant kills riot shields.


I don't use smoke grenades so I will compare the other two options. You pick your favorite.

1) Flash Grenade: Advantage: blinds the target; Disadvantage: they still move fast and it takes longer to thrown one for some reason.

2) Stun Grenade: My personal favorite option for grenades.

Advantage: Throws faster than the flash grenade, slows their movements.

Disadvantage: Blurs their vision, but they can still see to shoot at you.

Good Luck

I hope this was helpful to you. This general class setup has won me a TON of MW2 games. Of course, your mileage may vary, especially on different maps. With the right class build, you can really dominate, and become the envy of the modern warfare online gaming community.