I have to say that finding a making money opportunity better than this one would be hard to do. How can you do any better than making money fast, free, easily with unlimited upside potential? Legitimate money making opportunities from home just do not get any better than affiliate marketing. You pay nothing up front, get a percentage of sales on every sale, create a passive income that grows from year to year, as you work less and less and you can promote anything you have an interest in. Sign up today and get started today, and you could potentially be making money by tomorrow morning. What is better than that? Oh, I forgot to mention that there is no previous experience required either.

6 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best, Most Legitimate Work from Home Option Anywhere

1. It's free to get started. Nothing down and no risk to you, so you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose by giving it affiliate marketing a try.

2. There are hundreds of companies to choose from who want you to promote their products. I happen to stick with well known companies with established affiliate programs, although there are affiliate programs for every possible niche and subniche out there. My favorite programs (in no particular order) are Adsense, Amazon and Ebay. These are my favorites because they pay me on time, and are easier to make money with than some of the others.

3. You can work in multiple niches or categories. Having a wide range of items to promote will keep you interested and motivated to build your home based business and increase your earning potential.

4. You do not have to stock, ship and handle merchandise with affiliate marketing. I love this part of the business. I create content and articles which helps to solve people's problems and meet their needs. I refer those folks looking for a solution to a company who can solve the problem for them and I get a commission. I do not need to handle merchandise, deal with money, or physically warehouse or ship goods. My income is passive and cumulative from month to month. Eventually, I will be off traveling somewhere, while my articles produce a steady income for me.

5. Your affiliate marketing income is portable. If you have a laptop, you can continue working from anywhere is the world. Unlike traditional businesses, your online income can follow you wherever you choose to go. Making money online is truly the most secure business to start in terms of both portability and flexibility.

6. It's flexible to work online. You can work anywhere, at any time day or night, as often or rarely as you choose. Who does not love the idea of working in their flannel pants and fuzzy slippers rather than hassling with a trying commute? Home based business will do just that for you.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

There are several ways to go about starting to generate legitimate passive income through affiliate marketing. The first is to decide where you will host your content. There are numerous free platforms that will allow you to host your content for absolutely nothing from article banks to blogs and even sites offering free single pages. Each has their own editorial guidelines and some will take a share of the ad impressions for providing you with free hosted web space.

I use a variety of free programs to host my content, as well as owning my own blogs and websites. If you are just starting out, or have little money to invest upfront, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using free pages to get you started. Once you are generating some income, you can branch out into owning your own domains and investing in web hosting. For good free platforms you can try Blogger, Blinkweb, Wordpress, Hubpages, InfoBarrel and Squidoo. Each will allow you a free account and you will be able to get started with your affiliate marketing promotions from there. A word of caution, as I mentioned earlier, they all have different rules about what content you can post on their sites and how you can monetize those pages, so be certain to read their terms of service carefully before starting.

The next thing you will need to do is select a product to promote, and write some content about it. Most affiliate programs will not approve a new application until they can see the pages their products will be listed on and then manually approve your application. Be certain to offer value to your readers and give solid and accurate information about the items you are selling. These pages will be reviewed before your application is approved, so you want to put your best work out there in order to be certain of your acceptance into the affiliate programs of your choice. Write your content, add some pictures, news feeds about your topic and video to your pages for a good user experience and post to your web hosting platform of choice.

Once your articles are posted, apply for the affiliate program you want to promote. When accepted, you will be able to follow the instructions on your affiliate dash board to build links and start collecting your commissions. You should start to see both traffic and sales happening in relatively short order, usually within a few days to weeks.

Now that your articles and links are up, you will be able to start promoting your pages to bring even more revenue to your affiliate account. The name of the game is to bring as much targeted traffic from the search engines as is possible to help you increase your sales, and ultimately your commissions. How to promote your content is a complicated topic that ultimately boils down to getting links to the page you are trying to promote. I like article marketing of my pages for getting lots of traffic. What I will do is to write a series of 10 articles on the topic of the page I am trying to make money with and then put a link from those articles to my page I am promoting. This strategy helps me in two ways. First, I get traffic from my article page, and second, the search engines will rank my main page higher in their search results sending me even more traffic. Once you are done building and promotion one page, select another product and start the process again. Over time the amount of content you own will grow, as will your income.

If you are looking for the best money making opportunity ever, you just can not beat making a legitimate passive income with affiliate marketing. It's fast, free and easy to start and you will build a passive income revenue stream from a trickle into a raging river over time.