If your home has hardwood floors, then you will want to know the best way to keep them clean and well maintained. If you treat hardwood floors correctly, then they are known to last many years. The best way to clean a hardwood floor is with a damp mop, and if you want the best cleaning job, then you have to choose the best mop for hardwood floors.

Preparing the Hardwood Floor for Cleaning

Before you start mopping, you have to get rid of all the dust and dirt on your hardwood floors. If not, it will cause scratches or gouges when you clean it. You should also only use a cleaning solution that has a neutral pH so as not to damage the floor’s finish.

It is also important not to use too much water, as it could cause the floor to warp and be ruined. That is why you only use a damp mop, not one that is very wet. If the mop is causing puddles, then it is too wet and shouldn’t be used on the hardwood floors.

Also, make sure that the hardwood floors are sealed properly before using water on them. The majority of today’s hardwood floors will be sealed with a plastic mixture called polyurethane so they will look shiny and wear better. Some also have a seal made of wax or oil that is soaked into the wood to protect it.

Hardwood floors should be cleaned about once a week, depending on the traffic you have in your home. Some people make visitors remove their shoes to keep their hardwood floors cleaner or free from heel marks. You can also place throw rugs at the entrance to rooms so people can wipe off their feet before entering your room and walking on the hardwood floors.

Types of Mops for Harwood Floors

When you want the best mop for hardwood floors, you need to choose carefully. Some could damage hardwood floors and one of the best kinds is microfiber mops. This is because microfiber mops don’t use much water and you don’t even have to use cleansers with them. They are simple to use and economical to buy.

It still gets off nearly all the dirt, dust and your floor will dry in just a few minutes and not be damaged at all. Plus, they won’t streak and leave marks either and the cleansing pads can merely be washed in the laundry and used again, which is also eco-friendly. They can be laundered many times and still work like new. Plus, they also polish the floor so you won’t have to buy additional floor wax.

Here are two examples of microfiber mops that can be used on hardwood floors that were both rated four stars on average by hundreds of Amazon users and both costs less than $35.

Simplee Cleen Microfiber Swivel Household Mop Kit with Two Pads

Simplee Cleen Microfiber Swivel Household Mop Kit with Two Pads

The Simplee Cleen Microfiber Mop comes with the frame, handle, a dust pad and a pad for damp mop cleaning. They can safely be used on hardwood flooring or even on other types of floors in your home. Plus, the aluminum handle is one that can be stretched out to nearly five feet for easy usage.

The special cleaning microfiber pads go on the bottom of the mop with Velcro straps so they won’t fall off while you are cleaning your hardwood floors. Plus, it has a swivel head so you can reach hard to clean areas easier. The pads are made of a combination of nylon polyamide and polyester and can absorb up to six times their weight in liquids.

The mop’s cleaning surface is seventeen inches by four inches so it can clean a large floor area fast and efficiently. Plus, the whole thing weighs less than a single pound, so you won’t be huffing and puffing as you push it along the floor. Instead, it just glides along due to the special properties of the microfiber materials.

Customers rated this microfiber mop an average of four stars.

Starfiber Starpro Microfiber Mop and Microfiber Pad Kit 2011 Version Green Trim Pad

The Star Fiber Star Mop Pro Microfiber Mop Kit is made by Aquastar. The cleaning pad is cut in a pile style so you can use it wet and the pad’s cleaning area is seventeen inches by six inches. It comes with one pad that can be used for both wet or dry mopping and works great on hardwood flooring that is attached to the mop head using Velcro straps.

You can also use it to polish your hardwood floors and its design makes it simple to clean all over the house, even in tough to reach corners or under furniture. This little mop doesn’t weight even a pound and the handle is made of aluminum and can extend five feet in length. This makes it easy for a person of different heights to use it.

You won’t need any chemicals or cleansers using this microfiber mop because it is made to clean hardwood floors when used all by itself. This makes it a very “green” choice if you want to help save the Earth’s resources, as well as save money because you won’t have to buy additional cleaning products or polishes.

No matter which of these two microfiber mops that you choose to clean your hardwood floors, you will be getting great products that are efficient and easy to use. Either of these mops will get your floors clean in no time at all and then you just have to take off the pad and wash it in your washer.

That is the beauty of microfiber mops. Not only do they do a great job and are the best mop for cleaning hardwood floors, but they are inexpensive, easy to clean with and easy to clean up after and they can be used many times since you wash them in the laundry in-between floor cleaning.