Best Mother's Day Gifts

 Mother’s day is just around the corner, have you bought the best mother’s day gift yet? Mother’s Day can potentially be as dangerous of a holiday as Valentine’s Day. It is just as hard to write an article on Mother’s Day as it is to buy the right thing for both my Mother and my wife. I hope that I can at least give you ideas that might make your life a little easier.

 We often forget that Mother’s Day is a day where we show our appreciation and how much we love our Moms. Mother’s, in general, give up so much for their kids and Mother’s Day is one of the few days that we use to recognize that fact. Let us not forget that, as we search for the perfect gift this year.

 The following is a list of ideas that are perfect for the special mother in your life.


Digital Picture Frame

  • Digital Picture Frames are a great gift for all mothers. You can preload pictures of your family or childhood with a good mix of family members – including your mother’s picture! One idea I have for my grandmother is to include pictures of her kids and grandchildren but also as many pictures that I can of my grandmothers childhood and courtship with my grandfather as they began their own life together.


  • The kindle seems to be growing ever so much in popularity. It almost seems as if people do not buy printed books anymore.
  • You can store up to 3500 books on one kindle with battery life to last seemingly forever. The kindle is the perfect gift for any mother that likes to read. Did I mention it has Wi-Fi too?


  • There is a lot of gray area with this gift. Bodymedia produces an armband that records your movement and tells you how many calories you burned for the entire day. If you are considering this gift for your wife or mother, make sure that it is something that she wants.
  • If getting in shape is her main goal and she is doing everything she can to get there. Bodymedia would be a great benefit. If you just buy this because you want them to lose a little weight, you will be in the doghouse my friend.



  • I am very reluctant at writing this suggestion in here. I think flowers are very generic and have lost their meaning. I do not think it is enough sometimes to run to the flower shop and get a dozen roses. For us to show our appreciation and admiration for the mothers in our life we need to bring more to the table.


To be able to carry out the end goal of showing our appreciation and love for our mother does not have to involve spending money and buying things. The list above is merely an idealist that she may like very much, but to show your love comes from the heart and a simple note could be enough to do the trick.  Use your heart and do something different that she would never expect. Good Luck!