There is no question that Frye harness boots are the best motorcycle boots for women. Not only do they have that classic "motorcycle harness" look, but they are also tough, durable, made to last and, believe it or not, are very affordable. Are they the cheapest women's motorcycle boots you'll find? No. But they're not very expensive, either. Especially considering they're made of tough leather and will probably outlast every other boot or shoe in your closet. And they'll make you look great the whole time.

As a motorcycle boot fan, I can honestly say that Frye harness boots are actually one of the cheaper brands you'll find, which is funny considering how great they are. Sure you'll easily find cheaper knock-offs throughout the Internet and even budget shoe stores, but buying junky footwear comes with a price: They won't last. Nor will they ever feel "right." If you want the best, go for the real thing.

Best Standard Motorcycle Boots For Women

Frye 12R TanThese Frye Harness 12R Boots Cost Less Than $230 At These are great mid boots for women who want to wear them with everything. They look great with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and pretty much anything else. And they come in a huge variety of colors, so you're sure to find one that fits your style and wardrobe while staying kind to your checkbook in the process. In fact, you'll usually pay at least a hundred bucks for for these boots if you buy them anywhere else. I've even seen them sell for as much as $500 per pair at some of the boutique shoe stores in my town.

If you've seen celebrities or people around your home town wearing great looking motorcycle boots, they were probably these one. When it comes to that classic look, these Frye's are it. And because they're so versatile, it's not uncommon to find them on the feet of women of all different fashion backgrounds. You don't have to be a "biker babe" to benefit from these babies, that's for sure!

Best Knee High Motorcycle Boots For Women

Frye Jenna Harness Motorcycle BootsThese Frye "Jenna" Knee High Boots Cost Less Than $370 At If knee high motorcycle boots are more your style, then a pair of these is exactly what you're looking for. They are made with the same care and quality of all Frye's other boots, including the 12Rs listed above, so you know they're made to last forever. But perhaps more importantly, they look great. They also have that classic harness "engineer boot" buckle across the front, and even feature a chain on the top of the boot leg. Unlike the 12Rs, these are only available in one color: Black. But chances are that's the color you're looking for.

Because of their larger length, they do cost more than the 12Rs, but the price is certainly worth the extra length. I've seen these eclipse $600 in my town, and haven't found a better price than what's offered at

Frye Harness Boot Reviews

Among the thousands of women who have purchased motorcycle boots online, many have left comments at Endless. The following are from actual customers:

This woman goes by the screen name "Shopper":

"I was really unsure about ordering these boot because of the price but I'm so happy I decided to get them. They are beautiful, well made boots! They are a little difficult to get on but once they are on you won't want to take them

"LoveShoes" bought the 12Rs:

"This is my 3rd pair of Frye boots,needless to say I love a Frye! Timeless,classic,so well made. The Harness boot is no exception. I saw someone with these boots and immediately fell in love. They are versatile and can be worn with anything."

"Lambgirl" bought the Jennas:

"I originally wanted the dorado riding boots, but for the price was so disappointed in the quality of the leather and the fit. I saw the short version of these boots once in a store and remembered how beautiful and thick the leather was, so decided to order these tall jennas."

These reviews represent only a very small percentage of very satisfied customers who have decided to buy Frye women's motorcycle boots online. To include all of the positive feedback would have made this article longer than an encyclopedia.

And you'll also be glad to know that both of these boots received nearly perfect five-star ratings from the thousands of women who have purchased them, many of whom made their purchases without even trying them on at a local store beforehand!

Even websites that review motorcycle boots for women as part of their editorial content can't say enough good things about Fryes. That goes for everything: The look, the quality and the price.

Why To Avoid Cheap Motorcycle Boots For Women

I'm not saying that you can't find some amazing deals from time to time, but more often than not, boots that cost considerably less than these Fryes are only going to cause troubles. For starters, Frye only uses premium leather and other materials when they put these together, and those do cost money. Which means if you're buying discount women's motorcycle boots there's a good chance the materials aren't up to par. And that means they won't last as long or stay as durable as these ones.

Secondly, Frye goes through great lengths to create women's motorcycle boots that actually fit. So not only will these look great and last longer than most mortgages, they'll actually be comfortable on your feet. Lesser quality boot makers often sacrifice at this step as well, meaning that those cheap women's motorcycle boots might spend extra time in your closet simply because you won't enjoy wearing them.

The Best Women's Motorcycle Boots Money Can Buy

You can spend a lot more money on motorcycle boots for women, but you won't find a better overall product. You can also spend a lot less and end up with a very inferior boot. Dollar for dollar, you can't beat Frye Harness Boots, they truly are the best motorcycle boots for women.