There are many bicycles to choose from but these are among the 10 best mountain bikes. One of the keys to buying a quality mountain bike is to buy a bicycle from a local bike shop. Do not buy a bicycle from a mass department store such as Wal-Mart or Kmart.

Gary Fisher Wahoo. The Gary Fisher Wahoo is a great mountain bike. For around $660.00 you can purchase this bicycle from any Trek dealer. The Wahoo is the best blend of quality components while still remaining affordable. This bike will last for 20 years or more. You have the support of a local dealer and the bike will be assembled properly. You cannot get that when you buy a cheap bike from a mass department store. With all Gary Fisher bicycles you will also get a limited lifetime warranty on the frame. If somehow the frame breaks on the Wahoo then Gary Fisher will replace it.

Gary Fisher Elite Superfly Elite. When only the best of the best will do you need this mountain bike. This bike will cost you over $4,700. The Superfly Elite boasts a carbon fiber 29er frame and top of the line components and a custom offset Fox front fork suspension. If you want a fast 29er mountain bike then the Gary Fisher Superfly Elite is among the 10 best mountain bikes for men.

Gary Fisher Superfly 100 Elite. This is a full suspension mountain bike that has a carbon fiber frame. This bike will cost you $6,300 but if you want to be the best rider then you need to ride quality mountain bikes and there is no full suspension mountain bike that is built better than the Superfly 100 Elite. Trek Trek 3500. This bike makes the list because it is very affordable yet will last for many years. The Trek 3500 is a great entry level mountain bike for the casual rider who also likes to ride around town.

Norco A-Line. The Norco A-Line is designed to be ridden downhill over rocky and treacherous terrain. You won't want to ride this bike up the hill. You need to get shuttled to the top and then enjoy your ride down. The Norco A-Line is almost bullet proof.

Specialized S-Works Stump Jumper 29er. If you are lucky enough to get a sponsored factory ride this is the bike you may get if Specialized is your sponsor. They advertise this carbon fiber 29er as the "fastest hardtail on the planet?"

Rocky Mountain Soul XC. This hardtail cross country bike is one of the 10 best mountain bikes for men. The price combined with the high quality frame and great components make this a great mountain bike to buy.

Marin Nail Trail. The price of this bike combined with the component set up makes it a winner. The best mountain bikes are not always the most expensive and this bike proves that.

Cannondale RZ 140. This is in my opinion one of the best all mountain bikes available this year. It is expensive but that is to be expected with any quality bicycle with high end components that is designed to take a beating.

Redline Monocog 29er. If you want a single speed 29er for putting around town then the Redline Monocog is a bike you will want to test ride. It is a lot of fun to ride and is extremely high quality.

2011 Monocog Flight 29er. This bicycle is my favorite of all the current models. If you want a 29er bike that will last for many years this is a great bike to purchase.

There are many great bicycles out there. As long as you go to a local bike shop you will be fine. Pay a little bit more at a local bike shop and the overall cost will be much lower than purchasing a cheap bicycle at Wal-Mart.