If you think you have mice, then you may want to get a mouse trap, but what type do you get? Unless you plan on getting a cat, you are going to have to do something, because once mice get in, they don't usually leave voluntarily, and they create more mice!

You have to attack this problem two ways. If you have seen more than one mouse, then they are likely getting in somewhere, and most likely in the basement. Although, in the early fall when those first few cool nights happen, you have to watch your front door, as they can quickly run in that way too.

Keep all shrubbery around the doors trimmed, and then check your basement. Have someone walk around the house with a flashlight, and if you are in the dark basement and can see the light through any small cracks, especially between the siding and the foundation, then this could be your entry. A mouse only needs about 1/2 inch opening and they can get in.

Also, if you own a outside/inside cat, watch what your cat brings in the house. My cat once caught a mouse outside then brought it inside to play with, and it quickly scampered under the couch!

In the meantime, you have to decide whether you can deal with a mouse trap, or if you want to call the exterminator. But it will be cheaper if you try it yourself.

Best Mouse Trap - Traditional snap traps

These traps kill the mouse, so if you are going to bed at night just waiting for that horrible snap sound, and the thought of this upsets you, then maybe this type of mouse trap is not for you. It does kill the mouse quickly, but now you have to deal with it.

These types of traps, are the cheapest, but you have to be careful in you have children, and you should also put them somewhere that children are not likely to get caught in the trap. Such as in the cabinets (mice love the kitchen). You need to be careful setting a snap style trap too, or this hurts if you have a misfire!

Best Mouse Trap - Glue Tape

This is the most inhumane way to get rid of mice. The mouse walks over this glue and gets stuck and dies. You still have to deal with a dead mouse and they suffer this way. If you want the mouse dead, then you may as well go for the snap trap above, it is quick.

Best Mouse Trap - Live Trap

These are easy to setup, and you can leave them out overnight with bait, and chances are you will have a mouse in the morning. Now all you have to do it take it outside and let it go. If you can deal with a live mouse, then this is the way to go. It is humane, although the mouse will be scared, it will quickly scurry off when you open the trap door.


You can borrow a cat for a night or two, if you have an elusive mouse. Some mice just seem to know how to avoid the mouse traps! I had a cat once that was an incredible mouser and was quite happy to spend a night or two hunting in someone else's house. The people stayed away for a weekend and I put my cat in there for a few hours at night and he caught them.

But not everyone wants a cat in their house. So, those are some of your choices. Until you have the mouse problem under control, you should take this opportunity to clean out your kitchen cabinets, and put everything that is in paper or cardboard into plastic containers with good fitting lids.

Make sure the cabinets are cleaned out of all crumbs, and this way the mice do not have food. Really clean the kitchen and anywhere else there may be crumbs and food, such as under the stove and fridge. If you have bird seed, make sure you keep it in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid. Getting rid of the food source is also a great way to keep mice away.

Getting the best mouse trap for your situation will depend on your tolerance for dealing with rodents.

Best Mouse Trap - Stay away from Poisons!

Poison is not something you should use. Not only is this dangerous to children and pets in the house, but then the mouse or mice, could die in the walls or roof or basement and this is not something you want either. The best mouse trap is the humane trap, or at least kill it instantly with the snap trap.

Once you have got rid of the mice with whichever mouse trap you choose, then you need to seal up their entrances and make sure they don't come back in. The fall is one of the most popular times for mice to try and get in the house, so be on the look out.