This article is by no means a definitive list. I am only simply going to list a few of the best movies of all time. Preferences differ, and I understand that. I am a huge film buff, so picking the best movies of all time was quite the daunting challenge for me. In this specific "the best movies of all time list" I plan on keeping it short and simple, and may follow up with a continuation to the article in the future. As far as this specific list of the best movies of all time goes, I will primarily stick to mainstream film and opt out of obscure selections. With that being said, these are 5 of the best movies of all time, in no specific order ranking.

ShawshankThe Shawshank Redemption (1994) - The movie is based off of a Stephen King novella and centers around the main character Andy Dufresne and his time at Shawshank prison. This is one of the best movies of all time because of the in depth character structure and plot development that evolves throughout the movie. Andy Dufresne is wrongfully accused of murdering his wife and befriends a fellow inmate, Ellis Redding. It gives a good description of what prison life was like in the 1940's and several years proceeding. As the plot unravels, Andy Dufresne becomes involved in a money laundering scam instituted by the prison warden, so the guards protect him. The excellent acting of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman help to make this one of the best films of all time.

Tombstone (1993) - Tombstone is a brilliant movie that I would easily consider one of the best movies of all time. The plot circulates around Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday in the American west, specifically in the town of Tombstone, Arizona in the years 1881-1884. It is loosely based around real historical facts that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday dealt with when they moved to Tombstone, dealing with a gang of outlaws known as the Cowboys. The film does a brilliant job of depicting the old west. I consider the movie one of the best movies of all time because I honestly wanted it to go on for several more hours. It's a lengthy film, however you want it to continue, because you are so enthralled in the beautiful world that it portrays.

Star Wars (36945)Star Wars Trilogy (Iv, V, VI, 1977-83) - Let me put some major emphasis on the fact that I'm talking about the original trilogy. The first three Star Wars films had to go on my best movies of all time. I would list a vague plot description as I've previously done, however I don't feel that it's a necessity. I'm pretty sure that the films speak for themselves and that everyone already is completely knowledgeable over them. They changed the film industry forever and are definitely timeless additions to American culture. I understand that these are 3 separate movies, however I lumped them together because I didn't want to make 3 different entries as Star Wars for the best movies of all time list, due to the fact that I'm only inserting 5 films into my best movies of all time list, and didn't want to flood it with Star Wars.

Forest GumpForest Gump (1994) - Forest Gump is definitely one of the best movies of all time. I can't perceive how anyone could possibly disagree with this. The film follows Forest Gump (portrayed by Tom Hanks) as he travels around the world and experiences historical events through several decades. The movie covers a multitude of plot lines that reach out to several different types of genres. The movies diversity branches out to cover historical events, pop culture, action, romance, and pure human emotion. Tom Hanks does a brilliant job of acting as Forest Gump (who has a below average IQ) and bring the role completely to life. Forest Gump is without a doubt one of the best movies of all time.

Willy WonkaWilly Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971) - The brilliance of this movie amazes me, thus I had to include it into my best films of all time list. The plot is incredible, as you enter a world of fantasy and amusement. Charlie Bucket and several other children win a contest where they are able to meet the mysterious Willy Wonka and are allowed a tour of his candy factory. Wild twists and turns are around every corner as Charlie and everyone explore the fantastic factory, which contains everything from chewing gum that turns people into blueberries, to drinks that cause people to fly, to little orange men who sing and dance once children are severely injured. The movie is family friendly, yet contains enough humor and fantasy to have everyone intrigued. It does have several singing portions, yet it is the only musical that I thoroughly enjoy. The songs are fun along with the rest of the film. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (not to be confused with the horrendous adaptation Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) is one of the best movies of all time.

There are so many more movies that I would love to include as the best movies of all time, however I find it better to only list 5. These are the movies that I would personally suggest to people if they were to ask me what the best movies of all time were. I hope you agree with me! If you haven't seen these films yet, I suggest you watch them as soon as possible. You will be completely entertained, and most likely agree that they are some of the best movies of all time.