Even though I had a printer in my home office already, the only thing that it did was print. I wanted a multifunctional printer so that I would be able to make my home office more efficient. I was going to have to purchase a fax machine and a scanner anyway so I figured that I would just kill 3 birds with one stone and find the best all in one printer 2013 had to offer to update my office. 

The first one that I looked at was the Lexmark 5650 All In One Printer, it could print up to 25 pages per minute if I  was printing in black ink and up to 18 pages if I were printing colored prints. The flatbed scanner made it easy to print from books or manuals no matter how thick they were. I could also fax up to 25 pages without having to do any feeding into the machine which I loved since I do so much faxing. I also loved that I could print great quality photos from my camera card too.

Another multifunctional printer that I tested was the EPSON NX530 All In One, this too was a great printer. It could hold 150 sheets of paper in its tray which I thought was nice, then I wouldn't have to remember to load the tray as often. It also allowed me to print from anywhere meaning that I could print from my IPad or even my SmartPhone as well as from my computer. It too printed quality photos and it would allow you to remove things such as red eyes and you could even do photo corrections as well as restorations. This printer allowed me to make up to 99 copies at one time and I also liked that I could enlarge and reduce with just the touch of a button.

Lexmark X5650 All In One Printer Mass
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(price as of May 14, 2015)

The Hewlitt Packard Office Jet 4620e was another of the printers that i checked out while trying to find the best multifunctional printer 2013 could provide for my home office. I could print from any of my mobil devices while I was away from the office which I found to be a real plus.This printer was able to handle printing of legal size documents as well as regular size documents and I liked that as well. The cartridges for this printer are high capacity making it more affordable to print more copies and I'm all for anything that helps to save money. The ink is fast drying so there's no wait time and you don't have to worry about smudging your prints. 

I also checked out the Brother Printer and placed in on my list of the best multifunctional printer 2013 provided. This printer was compact in size and that was impressive since my home office isn't very roomy. It also offered low cost printing as well as an easy set up. I found it easy to navigate with the one touch screen and the copies that it printed were great. 

It was important that I purchased a printer that was going to last as well as produce quality copies. All of the printers that I checked out were affordable and easy to use as well as easy to maintain.