Pro Tools is the best music production software for Mac and PC in the entertainment industry, and it’s getting better with the introduction of Avid’s Pro Tools 10. What do the top albums from the Billboard charts, the best shows on TV and cable, and the soundtracks from Hollywood’s latest hit movies have in common? These films, tv shows, commercials, CDs, DVDs, and more use Pro Tools. Avid’s Pro Tools is the leading the audio enviroment where professional sound, audio, and music are combined, edited, mixed, and mastered. And now with Pro Tools 10, the number one software tool for musicians, bands, music producers, DJs, and audio and sound engineers just got faster and with a higher resolution for recording. Avid’s (NASDAQ: AVID) Pro Tools 10 software is the top choice for professionals at music production companies, recording schools, music departments in colleges and universities, and other music creation and audio production programs in the industry as well as for solo artists, composers, songwriters, bands, and small indie studios. 

PRO TOOLS FOR AUDIO and SOUND ENGINEERSPro Tools 10: Music Production Software for Professionals(68152)

For sound and audio engineers, Pro Tools 10 gives you great control over tracking and mixing your audio and music projects. From dialogue to sound effects, from music to foley, this is the platform. With the ability to “capture and mix” up to 32 bit 192 khz, this flagship software from Avid delivers world-class sound. With Pro Tools 10, you get 4X phase accurate mixes with the built-in automatic delay compensation, and you have a platform that’s great for tracking a huge symphony orchestra all the way down to guitar parts, or vocals. With the inluded effects plug-ins, and other third-party choices, you can create and control every sonic environment imagineable.


Creative musicians like film and concert composers, songwriters and others should have greater possibilities and tools to use with their demo and scratch recordings in case something makes it all the way to the final mix. If you use Pro Tools 10 as a writing tool, you have the benefit of 75 virtual instruments at your fingertips that can be triggered by mouse or with a MIDI controller or keyboard, and the flexibility to work seamlessly with Sibelius Notation Software. Because the Pro Tools format is the industry standard collaboration is simplified by sharing files with colleagues anywhere in the world. In addition, importing from other software titles like Cubase, Logic, Media Composer, and others is simple.


Are you in a band with serious members who want to create and release great music? Pro Tools 10 makes a great Pro Tools 10 for Music Productioninvestment for a group’s gig revenue. Imagine easily tracking in your practice space or live and getting the needed recording experience to match your live performance chops and experiences. With editing tools and incredible flexibility you can get great sound by working on your own schedule. When you’re ready to make your CD, you can either finish on your own terms, or bring useable tracks and takes with you to most pro studios and work from there!


For producers the Pro Tools platform makes sessions, whether tracking or mixing, really intuitive. The loopinng and punching is second to none for multiple takes and quick editing. Very powerful tools like Elastic Time and Pitch, Time Code Ruler, Smart Tool editing, and Beat Detective give added depth and unbelievable control to your projects. The Avid Channel Strip plug-in (Avid System 5 - formerly Euphonix) is also a very desired console that producers will be glad to have access to! These and other tools enable every project to be as creative as possible, with the flexibility to experiment and solve a wide range of problems. This is a huge strength of Pro Tools design -- understanding that the studio environment needs to be a subtle combination of creativity  and efficiency. That’s why Pro Tools is the industry choice.


Pro Tools 10 runs on both Mac and PC. The requirements are Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or Mac OS Lion. For PC, users must have Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate, either 32bit or 64bit. Avid recommends a minimum of 2GB RAM (4GB for Pro Tools 10HD), and 15GB free hard disk space for the installation. You must also have a free USB port to use Pro Tools’ iLok authorization. Starting at $699 suggested retail, depending on upgrades, crossgrades, and other versions (like Pro Tools 10HD, SE, HDX, MP), it’s actually cheaper for most musicians, engineers, and producers to get the tools you need for yourself for less than a day booking in most studios. For those hoping to track later in a full service studio, your Pro Tools tracks and experience will prove to be invaluable for making a great session, and keeping final costs down.