Top NBA Performances


Over the past sixty years, there have been numerous performances that are still talked about today. Some of the most notable performances were seen in the NBA Finals, since the ABA merger. From the beginning of the ABA-NBA merger, Bill Walton held a great performance in the 1977 final game against the 76ers. Some names in the NBA keep coming up in several instances and it simply tells us about the effort those players put into the game. Michael Jordon had a serious impact on the NBA in the early to late 90’s as he brought the Chicago Bulls to the top with his extremely powerful performance.

One of the best NBA performances is from the 1998 final game between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz. In game six, Michael was at the free-throw line making the final score of the game, just hitting that championship title for the Bulls once more. The 1998 games was the last for Michael Jordon for a while, as he was planning on a fully set retirement. He averaged 33.5 points per game and 2.3 assists per game, which is honestly a high record for any NBA player. One of the games from 1997 was known as the Flu Game. He was terribly sick and no shape to take on another game, but he still did. The game was just not a regular game, but one where they completely destroyed the Utah Jazz.

Tim Duncan from the San Antonio Spurs played an incredible game in 2003, where he showed the viewers that he still had it. Tim Duncan dominated the game with his unbelievable defense. Since the ABA-NBA merger, no other NBA player had achieved such an astounding block rate throughout any game. Duncan managed to rate up to 5.3 blocks per game in the final set of games he played in the 2003 year.

The next biggest name in NBA history is Magic Johnson, and boy did he show some magic out there on the court. With twelve All-Star game wins and three Final MVP’s, he was regarded as one of the strongest players in the NBA till Michael Jordon came into the picture. One of Johnson’s best performances came from the 1987 NBA Playoff finals when they played with Boston Celtics. Johnson made it possible for the team to get 16 point lead within a couple of minutes before the game ended and his performance was greatly noted that year. He averaged 26 points per game with 13 assists per game!

Shaquille O’Neal was and still is one of the best NBA players that the Lakers have had in a long time. In the 2000 finals with the Indiana Pacers, Shaq made an amazing effort to lead the team up for their third straight win. With 38 points per game in the series, he was considered to be one of the top players in the early 2000’s. Shaquille O’Neal holds three NBA playoff MVPs which were all won in the final games for three consecutive years.

Several All-Star games have had some great performance as well, such as the 2011 All Star games with Kobe Bryant who had an overall score of 37 points, 3 assists, 3 steals and 14 rebounds. Kobe Bryant completely destroyed the other players in the 2011 series as he won the 2011 All-Star games. Similarly, Michael Jordon and Magic Johnson both made it to the All-Star games and come out as winners in a number of series. The best NBA performance in the All-Star game was from Wilt Chamberlain in 1962 when he earned 42 points and 24 rebounds. Today, there are some great players in a number of teams who seem to amaze us throughout the regular season, but it all really comes down to passion for the sport. With the recent NBA Lockout, most fans are already anticipating the arrival of the NBA Playoff schedule 2012