NCIS: Greatest show ever

Many people, myself included, feel that NCIS is one of the greatest shows ever made on television. Millions of people tune in each week to find our favorite characters in another predicament or another case to solve. Due to the fact that NCIS has been around for so long, there are tons of episodes for us to watch. Some are boring, some are great, but which ones are considered the best? I have listed here some of the most popular episodes ranked based on popularity, times watched, and most talked about. These episodes are in no particular order, so this list isn't a top 5.

Season 1: Bete Noire

This episode went down as a hugely popular one for many NCIS fans. This moment is when we first meet Ari and sets the stage for the rest of season one and two. Ari becomes the prime enemy for the team for these two seasons and causes Gibbs to become obsessed with tracking him down once he escapes. The whole episode involved cunning planning and strategy, and Gibbs does a great job in showing his leadership skills here by ordering the hostage rescue team and NCIS agents around to best combat the situation. Bete Noire is regarded as the best episode in season one and people still watch it today more frequently than any other season one episode of NCIS today. It's heart pounding, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and really shows how well the team works together to try and stay alive. This episode is still talked about today and a lot of people tune into it weekly to get a dose of action and suspense.

Season 4: Blowback

Season 4 is when we are first introduced to René Benoit, or otherwise known as La Grenouille who is an international arms dealer and Director Shepard's biggest enemy. While that storyline unfolds over the course of the season and the next, we can see that this episode was a real crowd pleaser due to the chatter over various NCIS fan forums and on how frequently people vote for this episode. It's well liked, watched often, and very popular because of the extreme tension at the end when Ducky is pretending to be the seller Rene Benoit was looking for. A big undercover operation that leads to a super tense ending, this episode doesn't disappoint any seasoned NCIS fan.

Season 3: Bait

This season held a great episode of a hostage situation with a high school student that has a bomb strapped to his chest. The team and a host of hostage rescue soldiers must find a way to negotiate and defuse the situation, so Gibbs takes matters into his own hands and becomes a hostage to solve this situation. Due to the tension and unknown outcome this episode is popular with a lot of people. Loads of action and tense dialogue make this a popular one to watch, and this episode was the one that got me hooked on NCIS. While I thought the show was neat, this episode caused me to watch NCIS and I've been a fan ever since. People like this episode, though this one wasn't a storyline episode like the above two. This was just a lone episode but definitely one that kept me and others on the edge of our seats.

Season 3: Kill Ari 1 & 2

After witnessing a huge outcry from Kate fans around the globe, the first two episodes of season 3 played upon where season 2 left off. Fans eager to see Ari killed were pleased to see a part one and part two of this epic storyline of the team tracking him down to take him out. Ziva is introduced here and remains in the series until this date, so important character developments happen including the introduction of Director Shepard as well. Both episodes are tense and suspenseful as Ari tries to take out Abby and other team members, and we can see that fans across the world were eager to see this. The episodes are still talked about and heavily watched as Kate fans still weep to this day over the loss of their beloved character. It remains popular today and has rated highly among all NCIS fans. They still go down as one of the most watched pair of episodes in the history of the show, and I have no doubt that they will continue to dominate that chart.

Season 2: SWAK

This unforgettable episode that NCIS churned out proved to be a real nail biter as the team opens an envelope that contained white powder. We as an audience could only hope that it was just a fake but the team soon discovers that it's a very deadly plague called Yersinia pestis. The team manages to escape the plague aside from Tony who tests positive. Now they are racing to find out the culprit and also a way to save Tony, and up until the end of the episode we fear the worst for our beloved movie buff star as he's coughing up blood and dying. People continually keep this in their top 5 favorite NCIS episodes because of the tension and overall lure of the storyline. Boards across the internet agree that SWAK was one of NCIS's best and is continually broadcast on television due to its ability to pull in ratings from the slew of NCIS fans waiting for a new episode to come out.


Too many to count

There are tons of other oens out there that could be considered better or of higher quality, but these episodes made this list because of how consistent they are listed in people's favorites list, how often they are watched, and how well they did in pulling in audiences so they could get sucked into the alure of the beautiful show of NCIS. This is only a short list of the many that have come out over the 10 seasons we have been able to view so far.