For many years finding the best natural hair relaxer has been the subject of conversation among women everywhere. They have been consulting friends, family, co-workers, and their professional salon personnel for answers on what to do with their hair. In this article you will find some of the best natural hair relaxer formula's available on the market.


Where the Best Natural Hair Relaxer Got It's Start


In some cases natural curly hair can be so unmanageable that people would resort to almost anything in order to achieve long, silky, straight hair and this is were the first hair relaxer came into the picture. In the nineteen fifties a product called sodium hydroxide also known as lye was introduced to salon professionals in order to aid in straightening unruly naturally curly hair. For many this product will do the trick but some of the side effects from using lye based products can be very unsettling. Lye is a very harsh chemical and when applied directly to the scalp or skin may result in very serious burns. Other products have been developed and used to replace the lye such as sodium calcium and lithium hydroxide; however the results were very much the same. In an attempt to make a less harsh product companies have tried adding extra conditioner in order to lower acidity and lessen the severity of the chemicals but the chemicals still cause a lot of damage to both the scalp and hair cuticle. These problems have made finding an alternative almost a necessity.


BODIpHIER Natural Hair Relaxer


One of these products is called BODIpHIER Natural Hair Relaxer by Fresh Look Products. This product has been found to have no harsh chemicals because it is made up of an alkaline water formula. It can be called the best natural hair relaxer because the formula eliminates two major concerns of hair relaxing, irritation to the scalp and also over-processing the hair, making it both fragile and hard to manage. This formula is also safe for color-treated hair making it acceptable for most hair types. By using this natural hair relaxer there is no need to decide between straight hair and grey hair. One of the other things that make this the best natural hair relaxer is that there are added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to give the hair body and shine. The alkaline water formula aids in balancing the ph of the hair making it more manageable.


The Best Natural Hair Relaxer Made from Herbs


If something more herbal is what you are looking for then you may consider the Natural-laxer Plus made by Baka Beauty Products. This is one of the best natural hair relaxers because it is made of one hundred percent natural herbs. This product is mixed with something called Sahara Clay. Sahara clay aids in relaxing and cleansing the hair. This natural hair relaxer is made of a natural blend of sun-dried exotic herbs making it so safe and gentle you can use it in your own home.


Where to find The Best Natural Hair Relaxer


There are many places to find these natural hair relaxer products. Both of the mentioned products have their own websites. Sometimes it is necessary to find cheaper alternatives so you may be able to find similar products in places like Walgreen's or Wal-Mart. There are also similar products for as low as seven dollars on

Hopefully this article has at least given you a starting point to find the best natural hair relaxer that will work for you. Sometimes finding the right product is all you need to get rid of those "bad hair days."