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Over the centuries, wigs have been made from horsehair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair, and buffalo hair. In modern times, it has actually become more common to purchase hairpieces of all types that have been made from synthetic fibers.

Wigs have been used by humans since at least Egyptian times. It is believed that the Egyptians shaved their own hair off, and then wore hairpieces to protect their scalps from the sun. The people in other ancient cultures, such as the Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans were also known to wear them. In China and Japan, wigs were never as popular with ordinary citizens, however. In those countries, they were usually worn exclusively by entertainers such as actors, or the Geishas.  In fact, because the Geishas were known for their elaborate hairstyles, this was a practical way for them to maintain these styles.  Today, of course, actresses and celebrities who crave elaborate hairstyles often wear extensions and other types of hairpieces.

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After the fall of the Roman Empire, the use of wigs died out for while, and then they became popular again when Kings and Queens began to wear them in Europe, particularly during the 17th century. Queen Elizabeth I of England was famous for her red hairpiece. Kings Louis XIII and Louis XIV of France popularized wigs for men in the 1600's. The word wig, in fact, is short for periwig, which was first used in the English language in the late 1600's.

One of the reasons that wigs became popular in the 1600's, and remained popular for some time, was because of difficulties with head lice during that time. In order to deal with the problem, people could shave off their natural hair and wear a hairpiece.  These were much easier to de-louse.

Natural Hair Wigs

The term "natural hair wigs" can actually refer to ones that have been made from either human or animal hair, such as that of a goat or a yak. It is important to understand that the term natural hair wigs does not necessarily mean that they are made from human hair. Historically, they were frequently made from animal hair. However, most hairpieces sold today in the United States are made either from human hair or from strands of synthetic fiber. Animal hair, if it is used at all, is more likely to be part of a costume or a winter hat! 

One of the best places to find wigs of all types, including ones made from human hair, is Amazon.  If you want to replace one you already have or you know the style and brand name you want, you may want to shop for one by using this direct link to human hair extensions and wigs on Amazon.

Construction of Natural Wigs

Whether the natural fibers are from a human or an animal, the hair must be carefully sorted so that it falls in the direction of growth. Because hair is covered in tiny scale-like structures, it will not lie correctly and will not look as attractive if some of it is turned the wrong way. When this happens, the hair will be more likely to get tangled or matted. Another factor to consider when purchasing high quality natural wigs is that they should be made from hair that has never been bleached or colored.

Suppliers of Natural Hairpieces

There are many sources of natural hair wigs. They are available in most wig shops, as well as some hair salons and similar businesses around the world. They are also available online from sites such as, or from the Vogue Wigs Superstore at Both of the last two sites have been rated 5 Stars on Google ads.  If you want to do a little comparison shopping, use this direct link to human hair extensions and wigs on Amazon.

Wigs can sometimes be purchased for as little as $20 when they are made from synthetic materials. However, true natural human hairpieces will cost much more … ranging in price from around $200 to as much as $1500, or more, depending on the quality, and the time and care spent on its construction.

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