A new high-tech gizmo has been added to the masses, the incredibly small, impressively inexpensive high-performance mini laptops known as netbooks. Netbooks are stripped of all unnecessary features, leaving you with a sleek and lightweight laptop ready to fulfill your on the go computing needs.

When laptops were sprung onto the world so many years ago, they were the obvious choice for convenience as opposed to desktop PCs. The invention of mini laptops has taken the word convenience to an entirely new level to match the very busy and fast pace lifestyle of so many today. The demand for these netbooks is great, making their popularity grow.

They are perfect for anyone needs a portable laptop that won't weigh down their bags in the slightest way. Those who will particularly love netbooks are those who tend to travel regularly. Netbooks offer such travelers maximum portability making then wonderfully convenient. You can latterly carry your netbook around and forget it is even in your bag due to how light it is. Students also love this new breed of computer due to the fact that it is very affordable.

Netbook ComputerIt's interesting to note that mini laptops have actually been around for a while. Only lately, a new breed of close to pocketsize laptops has been released. Everyone is excited to show off his or her version of the best netbook computer, the newest high-tech toy on the market.

Plenty of companies are jumping on the netbook bandwagon, giving you plenty of option. The newest mini netbook is the Sony Vaio. Other companies that offer netbooks are Dell, Acer, and even apple will soon be releasing the Apple Tablet. Each of these versions of the netbook offer similar features and thankfully all range around the same price margin. We are big fans of dell netbooks. You can visit Netbook Titan to read more netbook notebook reviews if you wnat further information.

With so many choices, it can be hard to decide on what is the best mini laptop computer. Most share the same characteristics, like the size of the screen and the weight, although the configuration can vary to fit your requirements.

When you are looking at investing in a mini notebook netbook, it is important to take a close look at what the model you want has to offer. You need to pay close attention to the hard drive space, the operating system and especially the battery life. Since you will most likely be using your netbook on the go, battery life is important because you won't want it to run out of battery after a short amount of time. Comparing and contrasting the features of each netbook will help you find the one that will fit all of your needs.