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The Walking Dead, Avengers, and MORE

There are plenty of excellent choices this week when it comes to new comic books, including two new worthwhile Avengers comics, as well as the latest issue of The Walking Dead. Finally, we have the not-really-that-long-awaited conclusion of "The Trial of Jean Grey" in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy. But first up, let's take a closer look at Avengers Issue No. 27, by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Salvador Larroca, featuring not one, but two Bruce Banners...

Avengers Issue No. 27

The Adapting Avengers From Another World

After a recap page that informs the reader about the cross-dimensional hi-jinx that have been going on in this title for the past several months, this issue of Avengers begins with TWO Bruce Banners (more famously known as the Incredibles Hulks) engaging in a conversation in a padded room. It seems the Hulk from this Earth (iteration number 616 in the multiverse) has a much better deal than the visiting Hulk, since the visiting Bruce Banner was lobotomized by his fellow Avengers in an effort to control Banner's emotional state and thus control the Hulk. While this shocking revelation about the brutal tactics of the multiversal Avengers is taking place, the evil scientists at Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) are trying to figure out a way to return those same multiversal Avengers back to their native space/dimension/Earth.

All of this is a good excuse to have an extended fight scene featuring the Avengers fighting the Avengers from another dimension, which is a lot more confusing to explain in words than it is in pictures. The scientists from A.I.M. join in the fight as well, looking for all the world like a group of cosplayers all dressed up like Scud the Disposable Assassin.

As if all the action in the lead feature of this issue of Avengers wasn't enough, this comic also comes complete with the first issue of All-New Invaders, so if you hadn't yet had the chance to read the new adventures of Namor, Captain America, and the Original Human Torch, here is another opportunity.

Uncanny Avengers Issue No. 18.NOW

A Whole New (Deadly) World in "Avenge the Earth" No. 1

If Avengers issue no. 27 did not manage to quench your thirst for comics starring Earth's Mightiest Heroes, even with the bonus Invaders story included, then you should also pick up this week's issue of Uncanny Avengers, Marvel's adventure title that combines Avengers and X-Men members of years past to form the titular team, known by some as the Avengers Unity Squad. As you probably already noticed, this issue also features the beginning of a new storyline, "Avenge the Earth," so the issue number has been appended with the helpful point NOW moniker, alerting any potential readers that, yes, this issue does in fact feature a great jumping-on point.

The set-up for this jumping-on point is that the Avengers Unity Squad, through no fault (well, some fault) of their own, have fallen victim to a restructuring of the timeline of Earth-616, and now must deal with living in a parallel version of this Earth that is unknown. Very similar to the problems that the group in the Avengers main title is facing, except instead of dimensions, the Unity Squad is dealing with time travel.

This new version of Earth's timeline, dubbed Planet X, is apparently a paradise for mutants, but not so much for "gene trash" humans and those who gained their superpowers without benefit of the X-gene. Most don't know that anything has even changed, and many that do don't want things changed back. But Havok, Wasp, and the rest of the Unity Squad know that they are responsible for restoring Earth to its original timeline. But can they do it? Well, now without a little help from some unlikely friends...

This book is ably scripted by Rick Remender, and brilliantly illustrated by Spanish artist Daniel Acuña, and it features an exciting new world with the setting of Planet X. Overall, this truly is a great recommendation for anyone looking to pick up a well-illustrated comic with a snappy story.

The Walking Dead Issue No. 124

"All-Out War" Chapter 10 of 12

"All-Out War" continues in this issue of The Walking Dead, and the stakes keep getting higher and higher. After last issue's attack on the Hilltop, Rick and the other survivors know their enemy is done screwing around, since the pyschopathic Negan is now using weapons intended to spread zombie contamination and infect anyone they hit. And they manage to hit some pretty big targets in this issue...

Guardians of the Galaxy Issue No. 13 Cover
Credit: Marvel Comics

Guardians of the Galaxy Issue No. 13

"The Trial of Jean Grey" Part 6 of 6

This issue features the conclusion to "The Trial of Jean Grey," the six-part crossover that has been running in this title and All-New X-Men (and you can check out a review of the latest issue of All-New X-Men here). And obviously, a conclusion in a Marvel comic means a big battle, and this one features the X-Men and Guardians fighting together against the "krutacking Imperial Guard," as Rocket Raccoon describes them. And if you are in doubt about the eventual victors in this battle, just try to remember, when push comes to shove, the Guardians of the Galaxy are perfectly capable of going to war with up to seven star systems at the same time.

Other Books Out This Week

Empowered, Sandman, and Silver Surfer

If these four excellent comics just are not enough for you, there are many other great comics that were released for the week of March 26, 2014. These include the much-longer-awaited-than-The-Trial-of-Jean-Grey second chapter of Sandman: Overture, by the comics dream team of writer Neil Gaiman and artist J.H. Williams III. This book is gorgeous, but the wait between issues is a killer for the impatient. There is also a new Empowered special from Dark Horse, and the launch of a new volume of Silver Surfer by Dan Slott and Mike Allred. Clearly, it is a fantastic week for comics.