This week, new comics include the latest issue of Batman/Superman, the launch of Marvel's new event series Original Sin, and the beginning of a new volume of Spider-Man, titled Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man. So let's dive right in and find out why these issues are the best new comics for the first week in May, 2014.

Batman/Superman Issue No. 10

On A Micro-Mission with The Atom

After helping to repair a Chinese space station, Batman is mysteriously injured and unresponsive, with vital signs that are weakening by the hour. In order to save his life, Superman realizes that the best way to help is definitely to shrink down to microscopic size and explore Batman's innards. So, Superman enlists the help of one Ray Palmer, the Atom, a superhero who uses Pym Particles or something to that effect to allow both he and the Man of Steel to embark on a microscopic expedition into Batman's brain.

And what do they find there? Microscopic villains with names like Dr. Smashammer causing mischief throughout Batman's medulla oblongata. It's up to Superman and the Atom to expel the tiny terrors from the caped crusader's cranium, but Batman himself is not totally helpless throughout the operation.

This issue features some great art by fan-favorite Karl Kerschl, most recently known for his online comic strip, The Abominable Charles Christopher. Even though Kerschl only draws a little more than half the issue, his interpretation of the characters is a powerful one, as he imbues Batman, Superman, and the Atom with a lot of energy and humor.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man Issue No. 1

Girl Troubles

Everyone's second- or third- favorite Spider-Man (depending on how you feel about Miguel O'Hara) is back in a brand new volume this week. Miles, for those who don't already know, is the active Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe, an alternate plane of reality where Peter Parker died and stayed dead (even though there is a female clone of him running around). And like Peter, Miles has traditionally bad luck, with a deceased mother, an absentee father, and all the pressure and stress that comes with trying to unsuccessfully save New Jersey from the appetite of a giant space god. Yes, that's right: Galactus ate New Jersey in the Ultimate Universe.

However, Miles and the rest of the cast of The Ultimate Spider-Man have more important things to worry about than New Jersey, as the Green Goblin is on the loose again, and a pair of imposter Spider-Men have been going on a crime spree. Not to mention that teachers keep interrupting Miles in the stairwell while he's trying to make time with his girlfriend, Katie Bishop, who at this point still doesn't know that her boyfriend is THE ULTIMATE Spider-Man. And is if all this wasn't enough, this issue concludes with a mysterious visitor from Miles' past breaking into his apartment, and it's not who you think it is. Actually, maybe it is who you think it is. But you can't be sure if your suspicions are correct unless you pick up a copy of this issue and see for yourself.

Original Sin Issue No. 1 Cover
Credit: Julian Totino Tedesco and Marvel Comics

Original Sin Issue No. 1

Marvel's Newest Event

Don't be confused by the title of this comic: it in no way features Angelina Jolie or Antonio Banderas. It also has very little to do with religious dogma. Instead, this new 8 part miniseries, set in the Marvel Universe, asks the question "Who Watches the Watch..." Wait, that's not it. This new 8 part miniseries asks the question "Who SHOT the Watcher?" Yeah, that's right. The Watcher, of course, is a near-omniscient deity who is basically the Marvel Comics equivalent of the Man in the Moon, constantly observing all the activity on Earth. But despite being able to see everything, apparently the Watcher didn't see the bullet with his name on it. And now, the killer has taken possession of the Watcher's eye. Grody.

After an ominous prologue, this issue features a scene with Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow, and Nick Fury at a steakhouse, enjoying "Meat Night." Frankly, this is a good idea for a night, even if Captain America moans that he will have to wake up early the next morning "just to run this off." Apparently, Captain America does not know how meat works. Meat Night is interrupted by a phone call from Thor, who has discovered the Watcher's lifeless body, and so all the Avengers examine the crime scene. Iron Man examines it best, because, as he reminds everyone around him, he is the smartest guy he knows. Not too cocky for a chronic alcoholic who has gone mad enough times to shoot the Hulk into space, start a superhero civil war, and be replaced by an alternate timeline teenage version of himself.

Once the Avengers determine that the Watcher was definitely murdered and didn't just fall down the stairs, more of Earth's Mightiest Heroes are called in to aid in the investigation. This includes Black Panther, Ant-Man, The White Queen, Dr. Strange, The Punisher, Moon Knight, and The Winter Soldier, among others. If this seems like a disparate group, it is, and one of the mystery's of Original Sin is exactly who has organized these heroes, and why they agreed to be organized. But thanks to the able pen of artist Mike Deodato, all of these characters are expertly depicted, so Original Sin is a solid purchase for anyone interested in getting all of their favorite Marvel heroes together in one single comic book.

Other New Comics This Week

Cyclops and She-Hulk

There are a couple of other good comics that were released for the first week of May, 2014. These include the launch of a new Cyclops solo comic by Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman, where the erstwhile X-Man has left Earth to go on space pirate adventures with his father, the Starjammer Corsair. There's also the fourth issue of Charles Soule's new volume of She-Hulk, with art by Javier Pulido. Feel free to share your favorites for the week, even if they weren't mentioned here, in the comments below.