The new iPad, Apple’s third generation slate tablet is already shaping up to be the best tablet of 2012, thanks to its perfect mix of premium construction, price, performance, usability and apps availability, because let’s face it: apps make or break a tablet more than everything, not even the price is that important.

And Apple has got plenty of apps, that’s for sure. Another thing that comes with fame is the fact you do get small manufacturers interesting in offering case, accessories and peripherals for your tablet. Apple knows that these small manufacturers are an important key in the process, that’s why it tries so hard to please them. 

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Backward compatibility

With the new iPad 2012 the biggest surprise was the fact you can still use your old case if it’s not a very tight fit, something that will prevent you from using it on the newer tablet. Also keep in mind that the majority of iPad 1 cases will work on the third generation, but you won’t get cutouts for the camera and back speaker, which were not features of the first gen tablet.

If you own a bag, sleeve, folio or backpack type case then you shouldn’t worry at all, as they’re going to be compatible with future iPad generation as well unless the external dimensions change considerably, which I personally doubt.

What about new cases

Anyway, if you’re going the “get a new iPad 3 case” then you should take into consideration a few things:

  • Don’t buy a very tight fit case: it could save you money on the long run, as it might fit the iPad 4, 5, you get the idea…
  • Get a carrying case, one that you only use for transporting or storing your tablet. This way you can benefit from the slicknees, slimness and low weight of the tablet when in use, but you can still protect it during use.
  • Don’t put too much money into accessorizing your New iPad, this way you won’t lose too much at the resale, and believe me, you’ll be buying a new one pretty soon as most iPad owners are upgrading to a new generation, as a recent study has revealed.

If I’ve caught your attention and you’re looking to get a new iPad 3rd gen case here’s a list with the best ones. I’ve written it on my tablet site, where you can find also other articles that you might find of interest. Don’t forget to come back to this page and let me know what you think about Apple’s latest tablet. Is it worth the upgrade or not?