Picking out the best nightlights for kids is very important, as any parent of older kids will tell you. The reason being that to a scared child the smallest sound in a dark bedroom can become the scariest monster ever but to that same child the tiniest amount of light can help them to feel safe and comfortable enough to fall asleep. Helping your little ones from being scared not only makes them feel better it can mean the difference between an easy and enjoyable bedtime and a long drawn out ordeal that has the whole house stressed out. Night lights come in ever shape, size and color imaginable but very few are specifically designed with a child in mind. If you are looking for the perfect nightlight for your child below you will find several that are sure to ease and comfort even the most frightened child.     

A Good Nite Lite

Now the night lights mentioned in this article are not the typical plug in the wall type lights. These are specially designed night lights for toddlers and kids. The first one that you might want to consider is the Good Nite Lite. This night light is programmable all you do is set your child’s bed time and the time they should get up. At each of these times the light will either light up as the sun or the moon so that your child knows if they should be sleeping or if they can get up. This product has been on several TV shows and is given very good reviews.

The Good Nite Lite
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(price as of Apr 1, 2016)

Portable Nightlights for Kids

Now when it comes to night lights that are truly comforting to a child the Kinderglo, Mobi Tykelight and the Oxo Candela are about as good as it gets. These nightlights are part light part toy which means they are completely portable. Now your child never has to be without their favorite bedtime pal. The Kinderglo comes in eight different including several animals, a quarter moon and an angel. Each of them has a soft glowing light that can either continuously change color between green, red and blue or can be set to one of the three colors. There are also setting that allow you to program it to either turn off after thirty minutes or to stay on until the battery run dead or is shut off manually.

Kinderglo Portable Fun and Safe Rechargeable Night Light, Quarter Moon
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(price as of Apr 1, 2016)

Then there is the Mobi Tykelight Glowmate Plus which is shaped like a little person. It has a few added features not found on the other two brands like the ability to slowly dim over a fifteen minute period before shutting off or it can stay on indefinitely. The Glowmate also has the longest lasting battery of the three. The Oxo Candela is probably the most basic of the three. It doesn’t have a timer or change colors instead it has a unique shape which is very similar to a snail and comes in four colors blue, green, fuchsia and orange. Each of these portable nightlights has LED bulbs, in non-toxic and doesn’t get hot. So they are completely safe for all night use by your child without worry.

Finding a nightlight for kids that do everything that a kid wants can be somewhat of a pain. Hopefully this article has helped with your search.