The best discount running shoes for many athletes is Nike. Nike athletic shoes have many benefits over other brands. The reliability of the Nike brand is brought to the forefront because each year Nike continues to make technological advances in shoe design technology; however they also have the same or very similar fit each year. If for example you like to wear the Nike Air Pegasus then you can expect changes to it each year. One year may have the introduction of Flywire and other years the technological changes may be minimal and the only major changes may be the basic styling.  Even though the technological advances such as adding Flywire to the upper will improve the shoe, you can still expect the same comfort and reliability of the Nike Air Pegasus from past years models.

Nike shoes are not a discount generic brand; however you can often find them for sale cheaper than retail. By buying Nike shoes online you can find closeout sales. You also will not have to pay tax when you buy Nike shoes online. 6pm, Zappos, and Amazon are both popular online sellers where you can buy discounted Nike running shoes.

Running shoe ratings can help you narrow down which Nike shoes will work best for you, but the only way to ensure the shoes will work for you is to actually use them. What works poorly for one person may be considered a great shoe by another person. By buying Nike running shoes online you can read numerous reviews from real customers instead of trying to simply trust the salesmen at the shoe store at the mall.

Choosing Nike Running Shoes

When choosing running shoes you need to know how your foot is designed. Do you over pronate? When you run does your foot strike the inward part of the shoe or the outward part? Once you know how your foot design is you can then look at specific categories of running shoes such as motion control shoes or cushioned shoes. If your foot over-pronates and you get running shoes designed for a person that under-pronates then you could increase you chance of injury.

Other aspects of buying Nike running shoes may simply seem to be a style choice. Do you want visible air soles? For most people this is simply a style choice; however if you are a very heavy person then you will want the air soles that are not visible. Visible air soles will be damaged if you are a heavy person.

Arch support also varies from each Nike model. Some runners need shoes to support their high arches and others will need shoes designed specifically for their flat feet. Both types of shoes work great for their intended purpose. You do not however want to wear shoes for high arches if you have low arches. Wearing them as casual shes is fine but if you are going to be running consistently in the, then you will increase the chance of getting injured by having an improper style of shoe on your feet. Nike running shoes make the most diverse style of shoes to help you athletically regardless of your body build.