Nikon Coolpix P7700 Review

There are several small digital cameras that are on the market that are meant to be used for everyday purposes. Those that want something that is neat and small enough to fit into their pocket are going to find that the Coolpix line by Nikon is something that they are going to love. There are several different models under the Coolpix line and all of these are going to offer the photographer something that is going to be worthy of their money and their time. However, for the 2012 year, there is really a top choice among the Nikon Coolpix line and this is the Nikon Coolpix P7700 12.2 MP Digital Camera.

Nikon Coolpix P7700 Digital Camera, $497Nikon Coolpix P7700Credit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)

There are several features about the Nikon Coolpix P7700 that sets it apart from the other models that are in the same lineup. The main thing being the picture quality. With the newer P7700, the person will find that the picture quality is more of what they would expect with a higher priced camera that has a more sophisticated lens. Those that have used this camera state that it works just as good as the higher priced Nikon cameras that are on the market. However, the good price news about this camera is that it is priced at just under $500. For the same type of picture quality, most people expect to pay around $800 or more for the camera. The camera does have a 12.2 MP in the camera, which makes it have a higher mega pixel count that most other small cameras on the market.

The ease of use is another reason as to why this is considered one of the best Coolpix cameras that are on the market. For those that take this out of the box, many people have been able to just point and click the shutter button in order to start capturing beautiful images. It does not require much thought and study to learn just what needs to be done in order to make it work.  It does have the stabilization technology that allows for a photo to look very still, even if the person cannot do this on their own, something that most photographers find to be invaluable in any camera that they use.

It does utilize a lithium ion battery that is going to provide hours of picture taking, while also allowing for the person to charge this up. This means that no longer will the person have to carry a handful of batteries in order to keep their camera running. One of the better features about this camera is that the person can tilt and rotate the LCD screen in order to move this to where you can see it better. Plus, it has the feature of being able to close completely, which does protect the screen from wear and tear, something that other Coolpix models do not offer.

Overall, this is one of the better small cameras that are out there for the money that the person is paying. For those that want a small camera that can do a big job, this is one camera that will fit their needs.