Water is considered to be 'hard water' when it has a lot of calcium or magnesium in it. Over time calcium and magnesium will leave a scale of residue on your pipes and water heaters. This scale can also start to form on tea kettles, coffee pots, and other cooking supplies.

More importantly, the scale can build up on your pipes causing complications with water flow. Calcium and magnesium do not retain heat well, which means it could also take longer for your water to get hot.

Hard water also does not react well with soap, making it filmy and creating 'soap scum'. To deal with the issue of hard water people use water softening systems. Many of these systems work by adding salt into the water, which react with the chemicals in your water, making it 'softer'.

The problem with these systems is the added salt. There are health concerns for people who have a strict no salt diet. Many people are concerned with salt added to their water.

There are other options with, no salt water softeners. No salt water softeners work with nano-technology to remove lime scale from your water. These are the most popular type of water softeners sold on the market.

With this type of water softener system you don't have to add any chemicals to the water, there is no waste water, and the minerals in the water are left in tact.

There are several leading brands for no salt water softeners. One of these is Kenmore. Kenmore has been making home appliances for decades. They sell no salt water softeners in a variety of styles, sizes, options and prices.

Another brand name is North Star. North Star also makes no salt water softeners for your home. This brand is very comparable to the Kenmore line of water softeners.

The Pelican NaturSoft Water system is a different type of system from the more main stream water softener brands. This system comes with a smaller tank that is quick and easy to install. The type of filtration system is more expensive than the first two brands, but it has added features that are not offered with some of the less costly water filtration names.

Another more radical choice is magnetic water softeners. These systems attach to your pipes and use magnetic energy to change the chemical compound of you homes water. This system prevents these chemicals from building up and clogging up your pipes.

Magnetic water softeners are less expensive, but they are also controversial. There is no solid proof one way or the other that they are effective. If you are dealing with hard water in your home there are ways to make it better.

Determine what you are willing to spend on a water filtration system. No salt water softeners are often the best choice for people because they are less expensive than some of the other systems. They are easy to locate and purchase. Often you can install them yourself.