Best Of Suze Orman Video Clips--The Money Class And Other Top Financial Topics

Suze Orman has long been a fixture on TV, radio and in her numerous books. She has been the "go-to" source for personal finance information and a quick search of her name proves that she is one of the most trusted and sought after financial advisers today.

If you are looking for sympathy or someone to give you advice on how to make a bad or questionable financial decision, Suze Orman would not be your choice. She has little patience for those who would sacrifice long term financial stability for short term gain or a quick gratification scheme.

Try to convince her that you can afford that 3 bath 5 bedroom house when your income does not justify the move and she will quickly and not too gently bring you back to reality. You can tell from her facial expressions and the words she chooses that she truly feels the pain for those who have made poor choices and have destroyed their financial situation.

But she will just as quickly let you know what you did wrong and give you good solid financial advice to fix the situation when possible. If you don't want the advice or continue to try to sway her to your faulty way of thinking you will soon find you are up against a power house that will not condone silly ideas or methods that will quickly get you into trouble.

When you are in need of good financial advice before making an investment or if you are in financial trouble already then Susie Orman should be on your short list of advisers you turn to for advice. Go to her to listen and not seek sympathy and she will in many cases give you the information and advice that will get you on the right track. Be aware that many times what she suggests may be painful and require sacrifices and a good dose of determination but any thing worth achieving usually always requires those sacrifices.

The Money ClassCredit: AmazonOften on her TV shows she will review questions sent in by her followers. She will give honest, helpful answers and will not critcize or belittle those with pleas such as the email, with a little bad grammer, she received with this title, "i need money".

Suze Orman has just released her newest book, "The Money Class", and as usual it is a best seller. To help you understand why this book and others are sought after we have compiled a group of video clips that show Suze at her best explaining her financial principles and theories. Spend a few minutes watching these clips and you will understand why she is so popular.


Watch Suze Orman discuss her new book, THE MONEY CLASS

Watch the First 5 Minutes of America's Money Class with Suze Orman - Oprah Winfrey Network


Suze Orman

Suze Orman's money mistakes you can't make

The View: Suze Orman Gives Financial Advice - The View

Family and Money: Suze's Secret Savings Plan - America's Money Class - Oprah Winfrey Network

Suze ORMAN on InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse

Suze Orman's Next Act

Suze Orman at Google

Why not spend a little time reviewing the customer comments on Amazon. There are over 79 four and five star reviews on her new book, “The Money Game”, and you will find similar customer reviews on many of her other books.

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