The best OF THE MONTH clubsCredit: Awiki90A Guide for the Uninitiated

The best OF THE MONTH Clubs make finding the right gift for someone simple and easy. Whether they like fine the freshest fruits, gourmet cheeses or fine wines, there is a gift club for everyone. There are even great clubs for beer and bacon enthusiasts. For your sweet tooth, there are a couple of chocolate surprises at the end.

Best OF THE MONTH clubs are also a great way to treat yourself or your spouse. Whatever your preference, you’ll always have some fine wines, outstanding cheeses or other great foods to form the centerpiece of a great evening or to serve to unexpected guest. We have been the lucky recipients or subscribers to every one of the following. They are, indeed, a great list of the best, Of the Month clubs.



Best Cheese of the Month Clubs:

Cheese PlatterThe Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

Taste and learn about cheese from around the world. Three, half-pound blocks of the freshest artisanal cheeses are shipped each month. Recent selections included Brie from the suburbs of Paris, a true Taleggio from the famed Alpine Valley in Lombardy. Also included is a monthly newsletter that not only describes the cheeses themselves but also the people who make them.


The Artisanal Cheese of the Month Club

Each month, a regional or varietal theme is explored with a selection of four, half-pound cheeses. This club is a great choice for anyone wishing to expand his or her knowledge of cheeses and the food’s almost inexhaustible variety. The delivery includes a fact sheet about the cheeses including wine pairings, serving suggestions and how to properly store each cheese.



Best Fruit of the Month Clubs:

The Fruit Company Organic Harvest Club

When you think of the best fruit, you naturally think of organically grown one. The Fruit Company will deliver over 6 lbs. of the finest apples, pears, cherries, nectarines and pineapples every month. Variety is the spice of life and you will never receive the same variety in the same year and all fruits are guaranteed organically grown and picked for maximum ripeness.


Golden State Premium Fruit Club

Fruit PlatterCredit: ShakataGaNaiThis fruit of the month club offers three selections each month.  Choose for yourself or let the recipient choose for themselves. In either case, 4-5 lbs. of delicious fruit picked to deliver the best flavor at that time of year. Options include all your favorite apples, pears and oranges as well as kiwis, clementine and tangerines. Recipes and serving suggestions are also included with every delivery.



Best Wine of the Month Clubs:

90+ Point Wine Club

Wine BottlesCredit: GilabrandFinding the right wines can sometimes be difficult if one is pressed for time or if an unexpected situation arises. With the 90+ Point Wine Club, you will receive two premium bottles of wine each month. Each wine is guaranteed to have been rated by Wine Enthusiast magazine and the world renowned wine connoisseur, Robert Parker, at ninety points or better.  Try them each month and expand your cellar with the ones you like.


Uncorked Ventures Reserve Selection Wine Club

A somewhat unusual choice for best wine of the month club is the selction offered by the Uncorked Ventures Winery. These vintners specialize in American wines grown in California Oregon and Washington state. The wines of the American West Coast have rivaled those of France and Italy for decades. Uncorked Ventures finds the best and offers them to you at a very reasonable price.



Best Beer of the Month Clubs:

The Microbrewed Rare Beer of the Month Club

The finest microbrewed selections as chosen by the world’s foremost beer connoisseur, Michael Jackson, are delivered to your door on a monthly basis. These beers are produced on a seasonal basis in a very limited supply. Past selections have included a Russian Imperial Stout, Belgian Abbey Ales and even recreations of ancient beers. Beers are selected by a blind test panel of experts thus assuring that only the finest beers arrive at your door.


The Original Craft Beer Club

Guinness(111528)Credit: AnnieGreenSpringsThe revolution in American microbreweries has already occurred. These days, there are hundreds of microbreweries across the United States. The only way to affordably sample these great beers is to have them shipped to you. Fortunately, the original Craft Beer Club takes the pain and inconvenience out of the process. Every month, four different beers from the best microbreweries of the U.S. arrive at your door for your tasting pleasure.



Best Bacon of the Month Clubs:

The Pig Next Door’s Heirloom Bacon Club

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again, “Bacon makes everything taste better!” Nowhere else will you find this creed taken more seriously. Each month, the Pig Next Door will send you different artisan bacon that captures the true flavor, aroma and texture of the animal known as pig. These rashers are never injected with a brine solution or Liquid Smoke. Instead, they are slowly smoked over wood fires with hickory, pecan or other hardwoods.


Bacn’s Nitrate Free Bacon Bacon of the Month Club

Their obvious indifference to punctuation and grammar denotes that these guys are serious about their bacon. More importantly, their desire to produce quality bacon without high concentrations of nitrates is equally important. If, for some reason, you decide to drop your pescatarian or ovo-lactarian ways, these are the bacons for you. Without a doubt, two pounds of a constantly changing variety of artisanal bacon every month is certainly a reason to consider changing your vegan lifestyle.



Best Chocolate of the Month Club:

Lake Champlain Fanatics’ Chocolate Club

Mixed ChocolatesThis band of little known and highly underrated chocolatiers produces some of the best “sweets” in the country. Their best chocolate of the month club features an indescribably delicious assortment of treats for every month of the year. In particular, do not miss their assortment for Halloween.


Best Of the Month Club Thoughts

The gastronomic world is full of exciting possibilities and immeasurable unknowns. Only by sampling will you understand the rich tapestry that is the modern culinary world. Try some of these best Of  the Month Clubs to get a better sense of the foods and tastes that surround you.