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 What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform and is also an innovative company which provides software and service to their clients. They have been an accelerating company that strives to perfect written English since 2009. “We have developed and are continuously improving our online "English writing enhancement learning tool". If you visit grammarly’s main page you can see that over 900,000 people have liked this product via facebook, not only does Grammarly have a tremendous amount of recognition but they are trusted by hundreds of thousands of students, professionals and prestigious universities. Think of Grammarly as having your very own personal grammar coach and proofreader. Although Grammarly is a very accurate tool, it is not 100% in finding ALL mistakes but it does a good job compared to most. Plus, with a wide array of tools to help improve your grammar you really do get what you pay for. The company states the software will uncover more than 250 types of grammatical errors and assit to enhance various types of writing, including business documents, reports, academic writing, book reviews, research papers, dissertations, presentations, blogs, news posts and creative writing.

Why Grammarly?


Grammarly scouts for numerous grammar mistakes, nevertheless it still is not as precise as a human.Grammarly's spell check detects just about all spelling problems and the online grammar checker highlights errors with capitalization, subject/verb arrangement, use of articles, use of negatives, use of prepositions, adjectives, adverbs along with modifiers. It discovers poor sentence structure and punctuation faults. Grammarly is among three online grammar check companies that provides every one of the accuracy and reliability tools available.

Modifying & Suggestions:

Grammarly executes a comprehensive grammar examination, and consists of a detailed online spell check. It includes word and phrase replacements to help with vocabulary improvement. Most of these resources are crucial in developing a well-written document, blog post or article. Grammarly also provides MS Office integration which can be quite useful. Grammarly could be the only online grammar check service that features an application to identify plagiarism. Grammarly provides excellent suggestions. On the right of one's text, there is an explanation of the errors. You can find a detailed overview of your errors; save and print out a report in a PDF format. It is possible to select a highlighted word, outlining a mistake to find out possible corrections and reasons behind the problem. Plus, acquire identical details by clicking on on the list of issues located to the right. The Dashboard link within the online interface delivers a statistical overview of one's mistakes and a virtual Personalized Grammar Guide along with your name on there. The guide provides essentially the most relevant principles according to your Grammarly use. Most of these could consist of compound sentences without having commas, run-on sentences, improper use of colons and any error you have made.

Whenever Grammarly picks up errors, it presents them to you one by one. The word or sentence is pointed out in red, and a box having an explanation shows up at the base of it. You will see a brief reason or an extended one. The extended reason thoroughly pinpoints the particular sentence structure rule currently being broken. Additionally, it lists improper and proper examples as well as exceptions to the rule. The extended reason is wonderful for people who find themselves wanting to learn English grammar, for example, individuals that are foreign to or just learning the english language On the other hand, for anyone who is just trying to find corrections and short answers, you might want to use the brief explanations function in order to save time. It is possible to click the proposed modification in either box and the proposed word/phrase replaces your mistake and will be colored a light blue. You are able to disregard the advised modification or simply click "next" to view the following recommendations.


Grammarly's user experience is fresh and functional. It has become the simplest to work with of all online sentence structure checkers. It successfully accomplishes what it's tasked to perform, evaluate, explain and correct poor grammar and spelling/punctuation errors, while including pertinent suggestions and grammar explanations. You will find there's huge white-colored evaluation window that you simply paste your document in order to be fixed, along with some straightforward buttons near the top of the page that include:insert and upload buttons, a begin evaluate button, to commence Grammarly's hunt for problems. An additional option enables you to copy the text and one to download the item too. One more option allows one to clears the document for you to paste in new text.

Support & Assistance:

Grammarly supplies a knowledge base and extensive application guide along with demonstrative screenshots to demonstrate how you can sign in and take advantage of this online grammar checker. It is possible to submit concerns, questions and issues to their online forum and connect with other consumers. You will find there's Frequently asked questions page that can help answer any queries you might have, along with phone assistance but unfortunately does not have live chat support at this time.


This particular grammar checker is comprehensive and precise. It's easy to work with and offers valuable suggestions, however, the long explanations can provide more info than you need. This sentence structure software has a substantial precision and identifies a number of popular grammatical errors. On the other hand, it doesn't find everyone's. Grammarly shouldn't be deemed the final say for all errors, yet this can be a valuable tool when you really need a "better than word" spelling and grammar check. Additionally, their thorough explanations and grammar guide can teach you a ton about proper grammar and of course the rules.