Trading stocks is a great way to make money. It is now easier than ever with the popularity of the Internet. Online Stock Brokers have created a convenient method of learning about and getting involved in stock trading.

These online stock broker companies basically do the paperwork for you that is required to make these trades.

Usually, the broker charges a fee to do this service, which is why it's a great idea to shop around a little before settling. That is why it's so great to trade online; because there is usually just a nominal fee charged for this service.

In fact, the small brokerage fee has made it possible for many people to break into the world of the stock market.

In fact, some online stock brokers will even give you a certain number of trades free per month. That is basically unheard of other than online.

Another great reason to trade online is because the service is always available. You don't have to wait for a broker's doors to open to buy or sell stock.

This is the best way to work if you have a busy schedule. It also saves the hassle of traveling to see the broker or to trade if you go about it in the more traditional way.

These online stock brokers also take great strides to try and make their site as user friendly as possible. Since the Internet attracts all kinds of new users, they try their best to inform you as much as possible about buying and selling stock.

There are several different companies that offer this service. Three of the top competitors are Scottrade, E*Trade, and Zecco

They have different ways of going about the same service, and some ways are better than others.

Most of these services offer a fee per trade of around $7.00 each. There is one that stands out in this regard.

Zecco offers 10 free trades a month so long as you meet the limit, and then it's only $4.50 after that. It is new, innovative business models like this one that keeps the online stock broker industry booming.

The service that online stock brokers provide is truly top notch. There is nothing better than being able to join in the exciting world of stocks.

The best part is, it costs almost nothing to start up. Online stock trading is hard to pass up, especially if you're being offered free trades. There is nothing standing in your way so get started trading!