There is nothing more satisfying than a big glass of orange juice. Well, almost nothing! Drinking an orange smoothie surely outdoes regular old orange juice. It's time to brush up your smoothie skills and add this to your repertoire.

Living the citrus lifestyle has never been as easy as it is with smoothies. It is nothing at all to put your ingredients in a blender and come out with a delicious desert. In fact, you could make it so that it is a wake up meal for breakfast!

There are many different ways to make an orange smoothie.

OJ N' Ice Cream

You will need:

1 cup milk
1 cup fresh orange juice
2 TBSP sugar
2 scoops ice cream

Mix all of your ingredients together in a blender until it has reached the desired consistency. Keep in mind that you can always substitute ice cream for something like yogurt if you want to have a healthier snack. If you want to live on the wild side, ice cream is the way to go!

Orange Smoothie Love

You will need:

16 oz orange juice
1 oz. Vanilla pudding mix
Orange cream yogurt
1 cup milk
3 cups ice cubes

Mix this all together in a blender. You'll come out with something that is better than an orange pop! Again, substitute any of these ingredients with something that fits your tastes a little better.

Citrus Dream

You will need:

16 oz. Orange juice
1 cup milk
1/2 grapefruit
3 cups ice cubes
1 cup yogurt

Combine into a blender, adding other citrus fruits if you wish. There are so many yummy ones that go very well together! This is a great one to try if you want to try and get as much of that healthy vitamin C as possible.

There are many people who love to eat oranges, but haven't found an easy way to do so. These orange smoothie recipes will certainly do the trick. You'll finally be getting the recommended intake of oranges and fruits per day and your health will show it.

Of course, that isn't even to mention how delicious these deserts will be. You won't have any trouble at all getting the rest of your family onboard with your new smoothie-eating plan. Before you know it you'll have the kids throwing all of their favorite fruits into the blender. Just make sure they go with oranges!

Making an orange smoothie is a very simple process. You just need a few ingredients and a blender and you're good to go. Try your hand at making some today. Everyone will love you for it!

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