Many people are turning to natural products to enhance their lives and their health, but did you know that you can also get an organic mattress pad?

If you are particular about your bedding, then you most likely already use organic bedding, but if you don't have a organic mattress pad, then you are not getting the full advantage of going natural.

What is a Organic Mattress Pad - This usually comes in the form of a fitted pad, which goes on your bare mattress before you put on your sheets. It usually has some additionally padding to help with comfort and to lower your exposure to any chemicals that may be in your mattress.

They usually go on your bed just like a fitted sheet, and if you purchase a organic mattress pad, and then top this with organic sheets, you will have reduced your exposure even more. This way your skin is next to chemical and dye free cotton while you sleep.

These pads also protect your mattress, are perfect for everyone in the family, you can also get them in a natural waterproof version for younger children, and babies.

Organic cottons are made pesticide free and with no dyes or chemicals, this of course makes them more expensive. But they do last, and you are purchasing quality. Many people believe that our mattresses emit toxins from the foam in them, and that we are exposing ourselves at night time while we sleep. If you cover your mattress with a good organic mattress pad, and then organic bedding you are limiting this exposure.

Plus natural fibres such as organic cotton feel really soft and comfortable.

There are a few brands on the market that sell organic mattress pads. Below are two quality brands that have received great reviews. Many people who suffer from allergies or sensitivities opt to go with organic bedding including the pad to cover over their mattress.

If you purchase organic bedding, such as sheets and pillow cases, then you should consider the covering on your mattress too. By adding that extra layer of protection, of a soft organic mattress pad, then your organic bedding, you can reduce your exposure to dust mites and allergens too.

Natura Organic Mattress Pad - This is a Canadian made product, that is totally Eco Friendly, free of chemicals, dyes and pesticides.

It is made of 100% pure natural cotton, it is very soft and doesn't irritate your skin the way some do. These organic mattress pads will naturally breathe, taking moisture and heat away from us while we sleep.

No more waking up to irritating sheets and bedding! They come in all sizes to fit your beds, and up to 12 inches thick for those thicker mattresses, and also in children's twin sizes and crib sizes.

You can machine wash this, but it is recommended that you air dry it. They fit like a regular fitted sheet, under your regular sheets. This gives you that extra layer of softness and protection.

Naturepedic Organic Mattress Pad - This brand is made in the USA and has great reviews.

They carry a full line of organic mattress pads for baby cribs and children's beds. You can get them in a waterproof version, which is handy for small children and babies. You still get the 100% natural cotton layers with a natural waterproof membrane inside. This saves on clean up

They are fully washable, and although are more expensive, you can feel good knowing your children are sleeping on natural pesticide and dye free bedding.

Organic Mattress Pads - You can purchase these online at sites such as Amazon, and you can also get them at most bedding stores that sell brand name, and natural eco friendly stores too.

With all the chemicals that go into making the foam mattresses, many believe that there are off gases that can trigger allergies in sensitive people. So, if you are concerned at all, for your children and yourself, then consider organic bedding, but make sure and start right from the organic mattress pad, then the sheets or bedding and get a good nights sleep!.

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