A lot of people love the outdoors and there are even some who use the Internet to preach about their outdoor exploits. An outdoor blog is filled with endless adventure, the best deals in outdoor gears, and the latest news and updates about the industry. It is also a good source of tips and hints on how to survive the outdoors and how to make the most out of your adventure. There are plenty of survival tips you can find in a really good outdoor blog and if it would be your first time exploring the rugged terrains, fishing in challenging lakes, or trekking through tricky mountains, it would be a good idea to read about some firsthand experiences from the experts through their blogs. Here are some of the best outdoor blogs circulating on the Internet today.

Travel Gear Blog

TravelGear blogThis blog has gathered great gadget tips and guide to help outdoor lovers choose the right outfit and gears for their outdoor activities. They feature helpful tips such as choosing the right snowboard, snowshoes, avalanche beacon, and many more. They also help their readers where to find them. As Christmas is fast approaching, you can get plenty of ideas on the best gifts to give to your outdoor friends by reading some of the entries. They also help readers make informed decisions in buying the best gears and travel gadgets through their gear review.

ECHO River Trips

ECHO river tripsThis is a great site to soak up information on river trips and outdoor leisure equipment. For an adventure in Rogue River or Middle Fork, ECHO can help you have the best of it. You will also learn about what are to be included in their trip packages. If you are planning on an expedition abroad, the Tours and Expedition section gives you a list of international destinations and what you can expect from each location. When you have finally chosen a destination, you can click on the Reservations button to arrange your trip and make the corresponding payment.

The Outpost Blog

The OutpostThe Outpost Blog is the place to be for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it is your passion to bike, hike, or climb, it is all here. Readers are encouraged to make their contribution by sharing their outdoor adventures, gear reviews, news and any other related topics. Visitors can enjoy reading about real "outdoorzy" experiences. There are also many gear reviews that you can use as guides when purchasing outdoor equipment. It is a great site to browse when you are looking for the best places to spend biking, fishing, or rock climbing and the best time to go.

Wasatch Speed Goat

Wasatch speed goat

This blog is a personal account of Scott Mason and Karl Meltzer about their trail running adventure. Readers can also pick up industry news and many events relating to trail running. They can even check out the blog's partner shop for some trail running gears and accessories. The site also keeps its readers updated about upcoming trail running events and accounts on those they have participated in. It's fun reading through their stories and experiences. You also get a chance to earn discounts for the items sold by their partner shop.

BigBackPack Reviews

bigbackpacks blog

The site offers plenty of information about backpacks and product reviews. If you are looking for some awesome backpack deals, you might stumble unto something by browsing this site. Coupon codes are also offered for lucky readers. They have a catalog for the top backpack brands in the market and they have chosen each brand according to quality and style. Each brand page provides readers with information and the best line of products from that brand. Their Hiking News provides the latest outdoor happenings and headlines from other popular outdoor blogs and websites on the Internet.

Joy of Camping

Joy of camping

Joy of Camping is like the bible of family camping. The site is full of camping tips and useful information. From campfire tips to camping gears and recipes, they have got it all. They also provide a list of great camping spots and an introduction and description of each. This will let you know what to expect and avoid disappointment with over hyped destinations. The site is extremely informative with videos and history lessons to boot. If you are a novice in fishing, maybe a tip or two from them will get you started on the right foot.

Kids Gear Outlet

Kids Gear OutletParents who live an outdoor lifestyle would naturally want to share their passion with their kids. Kids Gear Outlet is focused on providing outdoor gears that are especially designed for kids. Browsing through the site will give you great deals on kids' gears, consumer reviews, and plenty of adventures. If you like outdoor stories, this site shares tons of them. Gift ideas for kids are also offered as well as discounts and newly launched kids' outfitter stores.

Utah Life Outdoors

Utah life outdoorsThis site gives everything there is to know about Utah outdoors. It offers a campground directory, product reviews, skiing activities, and adventure stories. Their homepage is filled with the latest outdoor activities, outdoor gear sale, and even movie trailers. The site provides a long list of wonderful hiking sites in Utah where hikers will surely get to experience the diverse sceneries of Utah desert, canyons, lakes and mountains. You can also investigate into Utah's finest recreational locations through their recreation directory. The Ski Resort Conditions tab provides reports of the different ski resorts in the area.


CAMPNPOST blogCAMPNPOST features southeastern outdoor activities. It details beautiful backpacking, hiking, and camping spots. It also offers a rough guide and review of the different outdoor equipment. Each camping site mentioned is provided with pictures, location, directions, camping fees, amenities, and of course, experiences. You can also browse the GEAR section where you will be taken to an online shop if you are up for some outdoor apparel shopping.

Extreemblog Action Adventure

ExtreemblogThis is a place for extreme sports, extreme adventure, and active lifestyle. Readers with an appetite for everything extreme will find this blog engaging and entertaining. As with other outdoor blogs, the site is packed with camping information, useful tips, and articles about extreme sports. The blog is like a news site with updated reporting on the latest extreme events. From iPhone Apps to becoming a backyard adventurer, there are plenty of ideas and information to be picked up from this site.

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