Outdoor kitchens are extremely appealing for a lot of people. It doesn’t matter if you live in a climate where you can use it year around or only several months out of the year.  You can have a beautiful kitchen totally outdoors that you can enjoy. One of the aspects of your kitchen space created outdoors that you want to consider is the outdoor kitchen flooring.

Outdoor kitchen plans usually include outdoor kitchen countertops, outdoor kitchen appliances even outdoor kitchen islands, but most notably the flooring for outdoor kitchens. The best outdoor kitchen flooring ideas contain floors that are specifically designed for outdoor use and the special factors that are taken into account with a floor outdoors versus indoors for your cooking space.

Just like with indoor kitchen flooring you want to make certain that it fits in your design budget as well as being the right outdoor kitchen floor. Consider some of the issues that meet an outdoor floor for a kitchen that wouldn’t be contemplated for an indoor floor. You have to make allowances for moisture, dirt, dust, weather, insects and other matters which make it extremely important to get the right type of floor.  Getting the flooring right for your kitchen nestled outdoors assures that you have an incredible floor which is lasting and durable as well as stunning in your outdoor cooking space.


Concrete is one of the best outdoor kitchen flooring ideas. Don’t imagine the plain old concrete that you find in the front of your house that leads up steps to the front door of your house. Envision the new outdoor flooring ideas for concrete.

The new outdoor concrete flooring ideas are full of different colors, designs and patterns. Lots of skilled contractors that work with concrete can transform regular concrete that is simple and gray into something magnificent for your home. You can have outdoor kitchen flooring formed with concrete using chemicals, substrates and other substances into something unique and amazing.


Brick is another substance considered one of the best outdoor flooring ideas for a kitchen that has seen its time come. Brick has a lot of versatility. Repurposed brick is even better for outdoor kitchen flooring because you are reusing a material which makes it better for the environment. Many of the repurposed bricks  from torn down buildings are salvaged for purposes such as outdoor kitchen flooring.

One of the disadvantages for any flooring ideas for outdoors that is taken into account is the weather. Wet weather is a major obstacle. Things such as morning dew, high humidity, rain or even sprinklers can make safety a concern with brick or concrete. Brick or concrete outdoor kitchen flooring is extremely slippery when wet. Though, you can have your brick or concrete treated to accommodate this hazard for a price. Washed aggregate or salt finished concrete is a consideration.

These are some of the best outdoor kitchen flooring ideas for those homeowners that want a great outdoor kitchen design topped off with an extraordinary floor.