It can be difficult to come up with creative ideas for toddler outdoor toys. Furthermore, if the temperature is high, you might find it especially difficult to convince the kids to play outdoors in the first place. So here is a list of some of the best summer toys to get you started.

Ride-On Toys
Toddler boys and girls love things that go. After they have mastered walking and running, they should be ready to tackle ride-on toys. A good place to start is with a toy that your child can either push from behind or maneuver with his feet while riding it. Older toddlers and preschoolers can handle tricycles and other toys with pedals. Pretend cars, trucks, and jeeps are fun too. Some of the more advanced vehicles are electric-powered and simulate real driving. As long as you have access to some flat ground in your yard or driveway, or even a nearby sidewalk or a quiet street, you can let your child use wheels to explore his or her world.

Swing Sets
Swing sets and outdoor play structures have come a long way. Years ago, basic swing sets consisted of a couple of metal swings on chains, and maybe a metal slide. (They did not always appear to be safely bolted into the ground, either!) But today's swing sets are more durable and safe, thanks to their sturdier construction--think wood and heavy plastic as opposed to sharp metal. Many sets include interchangeable swings, as well as slides, climbing walls, and bars for hanging and swinging. These structures are great for helping kids to practice hand-eye coordination and other motor skills.

Pools, Sprinklers, and Water Slides
The obvious way for kids to cool off while outside on a hot summer day is with water. Pools come in all shapes and sizes, from small baby pools that are only a few inches deep to larger pools suitable for toddlers. Most are inflatable, and many are covered to protect your little one from the sun. Lawn sprinkler options range from the very simple hose attachment on up to elaborate systems that spin and move all around the yard. The safest water slides for young kids are the small inflatable versions. For more water fun, there are many water toys and accessories available to go with your pool or sprinkler.

Sand and Water Tables
Kids love playing with sand and water. You could purchase a table that requires only water, only sand, or a combination of the two. The tables can get messy and require some extra cleanup, but the benefits of the creative play that they foster in your child are worth the effort. Playing in water and sand helps kids learn about different textures. Providing them with a few small toys or household items to go along with the table will give toddlers even more creative possibilities.

Lawn Games
As toddlers grow and develop, they enjoy trying new games and gaining confidence by succeeding at them. Simple games like lawn bowling, badminton, and croquet foster positive self-esteem and a basic understanding of rules. You could even introduce them to games that you might have played as a child, like a ring toss or bean bag game.

Sports Equipment
If you have a budding athlete in your family, you could encourage his or her skills with toddler-sized sports equipment. Start with small playground balls or soccer balls, as well as soft baseballs or softballs. Goalie nets are useful items for learning how to play soccer, hockey, and other net sports. T-ball sets and kid-sized baseball gloves are great first items for aspiring baseball players. Follow your child's lead to help them develop the physical and outdoor skills that they can utilize later when participating in individual or team sports.

Playhouses and Pretend Items
It is a common saying that a child's job is to play. Playhouses, castles, and forts can provide hours of creative play through role playing, hide-and-seek, or whatever other imaginative activities they can dream up.

Lawnmowers and Gardening Tools
Young children love to observe adults and mimic their actions. They want to help in the yard, mowing the lawn with dad or planting flowers in the garden with mom. A popular toddler toy is a bubble mower, a play lawn mower that blows bubbles as your child pushes it around the yard.

Tents and Camping Equipment
Camping is a popular summer activity, and you can avoid the expense and hassle of traveling to a campsite by camping in your own yard. Kids like to play in tents during the day, even if they are not old enough to spend the night outdoors. Both boys and girls like to imagine that they have secret hideaways and forts where they can bond and play with their young friends, or just imagine that they are somewhere far from home. Another option for using sleeping bags or other camping items is to plan a family movie night outside and invite the neighborhood.

If you find yourself in need of summer ideas, these are just a few of the top toddler toys to consider.